Monday, November 25, 2013

Ward Campout!

We had a great time at our ward campout this year!  I headed up before Kris got off work, and sweet little Jeremy in our ward helped me set up our tent, and Sammy helped unload our car. We had a wonderful dinner that night and some very entertaining skits. I’d like to say the night went smoothly, but after a rough little while with Shelby, Kris ended up in our car with Shelby, after which she finally went to sleep. Go figure. After that, and our Lake Powell trip, I’m pretty sure I’m swearing off all camping with babies. :) Kris had to leave after the breakfast in the morning, but I stayed with the kids and we hiked to Donut Falls. We had a nice visit to the mountains. Pictures!

Kasey with Eliot and Persy playing in our tent.


Kasey showing his muscles by hefting a log.


Coloring with Persy.


Kris and Kasey in the tarps some of the boys hung for beds.


Dad and Shelby (so happy, I might add) in the car after the long night.


You’d never know from this sweet and innocent face all the trouble she caused. :) (“What, me?”)


Our fam at the campsite.


Cute little Shelby in her cupcake shirt.


Climbing on the rock – my kids sure love to climb!


Shelby – tuckered out with Stacie.


Hey, anyone want to play some soccer?


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  1. I've felt bad we haven't taken Liam camping yet. But, he didn't sleep through the night until 11 months, so I didn't dare. Sounds like maybe that was okay anyway! haha The sacrifices parents make so the kiddos can have fun! You guys are awesome parents! Camping is so fun....but so much work with little ones. I love these pictures. Shelby does look very innocent for the night she put you guys through. ;)