Thursday, May 26, 2011

I did it! I updated our blog!

It wasn't too hard, really. I just had to wait until the house was silent and I had eaten a half package of girl scout cookies to keep me awake. (Yes, I know - we still have girl scout cookies left! I just made this delightful discovery tonight as I was hungrily searching through the pantry! It was only because they were hiding behind the wheat thins that they were spared so long - dang wheat things.)

Truth be told, though, I was partially inspired by an article I read: Internet Culture: Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs From the article, I learned that you have to update your blog regularly in order to be a worthy and faithful Mormon mom, or something like that. :) Although this blog may not be filled with juicy details on child-raising, home-decorating, and/or baking, as per the usual Mormon mom blog, I will give you an update on the Jones' family happenings.

Kris just graduated from the U of U with his MBA, and he is now working for Ivory Homes as a sales/marketing coordinator. Thus far he has enjoyed his job, and Tiffany has enjoyed looking at the beautiful model homes. (Sorry for the pause - had to go get another girl scout cookie.) Where were we...oh, Tiffany now dreams frequently about owning a home, with a dishwasher (more about that later). We feel so blessed that Kris is working with Ivory Homes. It will be great experience for him, and he loves homes. Win-win.

I can no longer call Kasey my little baby. It's true. Yesterday he came in from playing outside and he smelled just like a little boy - you-know, that dirty outside smell that just clings to little boys. I was both proud and sorrowful - he's growing up!

Kasey is talking more and more all the time. He can sing the entire ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (both of which he often sings as he's falling asleep - super sweet!). He can recognize the letters c, y, s, and o, and counts, "1,2,3,8,9!" (Emphasis on the 9 - he gets really excited about that number!). He can recognize the colors orange, yellow, green, pink, and black. He is always surprising me with what he says and notices. He is now in nursery at church, and he loves it. One weekday morning he woke up wanting to go! One of his most recent sayings is "Be fun!" I'll say, "Kasey, we're going to go play with some friends today" and Kasey will say, "Be fun!" or I'll say, "Kasey, let's make some waffles," and sure enough, "Be fun!" (This probably comes from my frequently saying, "It's going to be fun!"). When he doesn't see me he'll raise his voice and say, "Mommy! Where are you?" He'll say to our dog, "Molly, come!" or "Leave it" (A command we use frequently.). He's even starting to say, "I love you" back to us. It melts my heart. It is so amazing to be able to communicate with Kasey! We have so much fun.

Kasey lives to be outside, and his favorite activity, by far, is playing in sand or dirt. He'd play all day, if I'd let him, and it's hard to coax him in for even a snack! He also loves tractors and buses and airplanes and motorcycles - basically anything that goes. He's always pointing these things out when we are on the road. I guess it makes sense that his favorite book is the "truck" book. That book has taught him some amazing things, like how to recognize a backhoe, pickup truck, and snowplow. Those are very important words to know.

Let's have some pictures, shall we?
Kasey and Dad, enjoying a beautiful Snow Canyon Hike.

Ahhh- the beautiful red rock of Southern Utah.

Dad making Kasey giggle by tickling his legs. Sorry Kasey, you are trapped!

Kasey loving Molly. (I guess this means we can keep her.)

Check out all my teeth! Oh, yeah, and the delicious pudding on my face! (Sidenote to fellow moms: Finger painting with pudding is lots of fun, although be warned - also super tasty!)

Kasey playing the awake/asleep game with Aunt Jenny.

My family came for Easter weekend, and we had the best time! Here's my siblings Jen and Jon on top of the conference center.

Kennecott Mine: My goofy brother, mom, and Jen.

Jen and Jon, eating at Blue Iguana - yum!

Conference Center Waterfall.

Beautiful Sunset on top of the conference center!

Back at copper mine (sorry-out of order).

Easter Egg Hunt!

Yum, candy drooling from my chin. So good.

Kasey and dad doing dishes. Although, just for the record, usually it's Kasey and mom. Just so everyone knows. :) Ok, I guess Kris helps a lot too. Why the plastic bag on Kasey, you ask? One of Kasey's great skills is "dumping" although some times all of the water doesn't make it into the sink or cup. Hence, the plastic.
(Another sidenote: For some reason lately, I can not keep up on our dishes! I barely catch up, and then all the sudden I cook another meal, and bam! The sink is full again. Another meal, and bam! The dishes are flowing forth to the counter, the stovetop, even the table. I cannot keep this madness in check. I've come up with a few options: 1. Never cook or eat again. 2. Paper plates! 3. Dishwasher! I'll add it to the luxury list.)

Kasey zonked out after a walk. Ah, the life.

Is this what a potty is for, mommy? (Maybe he's not quite ready. :)

Kris, you gratutated! You are so smrt! (Joking aside - way to go hon! You work so hard for our family!)

Kasey wanted to wear one of dad's ties to church.

Kasey watching the "tractor movie" at Grandma Nommy's house. "Road Construction Ahead" is king, in Kasey's eyes.

Fireman hat!

I gave Kasey some pre-dinner noodles to snack on, and he found a nice spot to dine, with a view.

Hurray for Lake Powell! Kasey found this flotation device in the packing pile, and he had to try it on, of course!

Same thing happened with his lifevest. Surprisingly, he played in this for a long time! Last summer he hated it. I have a feeling that this upcoming Lake Powell trip is going to be grand, especially because it will involve one of Kasey's favorite pastimes - sand! (Haha - I rhymed and I didn't even mean it. Anybody want a peanut?)