Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He's Finally Here!

Kasey Randall Jones
Born October 17, 2009 3:02 pm
6 lbs 11 1/2 oz.
19 inches
Kris and Tiffany had a bet. Whoever guessed closer to the actual due date got the privelage of choosing what Kasey came home from the hospital in.
Guess who won?

"MMM that feels nice"

The Fuzzy-Red-Hair Picture
"Kasey, how do you feel about your birthing experience?"

Everything went pretty well at the hospital. Tiffany performed labor with grit and grace. We are super excited to be home with our newest edition. He is getting right into a comfortable schedule of eating, sleeping, and pooping.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Well, no baby update. I(Kris) have tried all sorts of stuff to get Tif's contractions to start, brisk walks, warm baths, spicy foods, interuteral threats, and other things I can't mention here. Still no luck. We are scheduled to speak in church tomorrow. For a minute, I thought the kid was planning a prank by waiting until after we prepared our church talks before coming out. Nothing yet, but we'll see. Perhaps Tiffany will go into labor in the middle of her talk. That too would be funny. Everyone cross your fingers. Beings we have no baby news we will share pictures from some of our sumer adventures, starting with Alaska!
Kris flies a thousand miles to play in the mud.
Geez it's cold!

Glacier up close.

Glacier from a distance.

Our lovely Alaskan abode, our home away from home.
Ranger Jones inspecting some large mammal skat (Kris sniffing bear poop!)
Hanging out above Russian Falls.
Our nation's mascot in all its glory.
A nice river.
This Yogi wanted to our snake our raft gnosh (the bear wanted our lunch).
A nice mountain.

This is Tiffany and I with our Friend Bekah Green before we went river rafting. She was the philanthropic impetus for our wonderful Alaska Adventure (She got us free flights!).
That's all!