Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Snow Play!

December 2013
Trying on the snow bibs!
Snow Play 1Snow Play 3
All geared up and ready to go!
Snow Play 5
I don’t know about this stuff!
Snow Play 9
Kasey sportin an awesome suit from the 80’s! Pretty sure both my brothers wore this.
Snow Play 14
Our snow angels: Mommy’s and Kasey’s!
Snow Play 17
Shelby checking out the frost on the inside of our window. Old Slanty is cold!
Snow Play 18
Posing for the picture.
Snow Play 21
Kasey pulling Shelby around. What an awesome big brother!
Snow Play 24
Snow Play 25
Cute little snow kids!
Snow Play 26
Shelby with her Minnie Mouse. Love that darling face!
Snow Play 30

Updating Old Slanty

Once Kris got started updating Old Slanty, he didn’t stop. Soon not only did I have a dishwasher, but also…a washer and dryer! What a gem of a husband – making all my dreams come true!

Here’s before – a nice little spot at the end of the pantry.

Laundry Project 16

Kris working hard – first step: tile.

Laundry Project 3

Plumbed and ready for a washer and dryer!

Laundry Project 9

Hugging my new washer and dryer…awwww, couldn’t be happier!  Thanks to the best husband ever!  (Before we had to walk next door and do our laundry in the basement…not a bad arrangement…without 2 kids that is.  They weren’t always easily persuaded to go and change the laundry! I never knew how lovely a washer and dryer would be – conveniently located in my own place!)

Laundry Project 12

We also attempted the year before to fix our grass by re-sodding. Here’s what it looked like before:

Old Slanty 1

After! We found some sod that a property was giving away, and we rented a sod-cutter and worked hard to pack it up and lay it in our yard. We were so excited - how beautiful it looked.

Old Slanty 2

And then, the after after…a year later. Yep. Right back to how it looked before. Yes, I know this is the same picture, but our yard looks just like this again.  So sad. Big tree, not enough sun, dog, etc. The grass didn’t have a chance!

Old Slanty 1

Hurricane Trip!


The dogs: Ollie, Sam, and Molly

'13 Hurricane and Zions 5

Kris’s first flight on a small airplane! We took a bike ride down to the Hurricane airport to watch the planes, and we ran into Randy Wild from our ward who offered to take one person for a ride – and Kris hadn’t been on a small airplane so he was it! It was a fun adventure for him.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 11

'13 Hurricane and Zions 12

We also hiked the Emerald Pools trail in Zions. Kasey, so proud of his big stick.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 18

The boys, packing the kids.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 26

One of the beautiful waterfalls we walked under on our way to the upper pool.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 35'13 Hurricane and Zions 32'13 Hurricane and Zions 53

Papa Payne and Shelby pointing up at the tall rocks.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 57

Our family.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 62

Grandpa playing with Shelby.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 65

A few action shots of Kasey jumping through the water.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 72'13 Hurricane and Zions 73

His pants were soaked, so we had to improvise for the hike back!

'13 Hurricane and Zions 76

Dad and Shelby – looking up at the view together.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 56

'13 Hurricane and Zions 81'13 Hurricane and Zions 83

This trip, Kris had just purchased us new phones on Black Friday – my first smart phone! I enjoyed taking a few scenic pics on my new phone.

'13 Hurricane and Zions 84'13 Hurricane and Zions 85'13 Hurricane and Zions 51

What a lovely place – we had a great visit with my family for Thanksgiving!

Cousin Pics 2013

Janece had some fun taking some Christmas pics of the kids – all dolled up!

Cousin Pics 1

Braiden, Kasey, and Cole.

Cousin Pics 2

McKayle and Shelby.

Cousin Pics 3

Shelby looks ready to go home. “Why are you doing this to me?”

Cousin Pics 4Cousin Pics 5Cousin Pics 6Cousin Pics 7Cousin Pics 11Cousin Pics 12

Family Pics

Kris’s cousin Emily did a fabulous job on our family pictures (taken Fall 2013...I'm only about a year behind!).  I really wanted to take pics close to home, so the brick wall is the side of the house 2 doors down, and the fence is in our backyard. We planned some of these pictures specifically to fit our family motto: Have Fun, Be Good, Together Forever.
(Be Good)
(Together Forever)
(I love how Shelby’s finger is in Kris’ ear.)
(Have Fun)