Saturday, November 9, 2013

Virginia Trip!

We had the most amazing opportunity to go visit my sister Heather in Virginia! We had the absolute best time ever – hanging out, seeing the sites, just enjoying our time together. Heather and Javan were so kind to act as hosts and tour guides, and we loved visiting them!

Here we are on the plane, our first time flying as a family!  The kids did great!

'13 Virginia Trip 11

'13 Virginia Trip 15

Watching a movie helped. :)

'13 Virginia Trip 16

…and a long nap.

'13 Virginia Trip 13

Here are some of the wonderful places we visited.


2013-04-16 15.34.452013-04-16 15.44.462013-04-16 16.08.16

Beautiful time of year – tulips and cherry blossoms!

2013-04-16 16.08.302013-04-16 15.31.132013-04-16 14.35.30

Checking out a turtle (notice how different each person’s hair is in our family! Crazy! Kris would have me point out their awesome mullets, too…)

2013-04-16 14.37.00

Liam and Shelby – all that site-seeing wore them out!

2013-04-16 16.45.23

Roosevelt Memorial.

2013-04-17 11.26.59

Natural History Museum. (Kris and Kasey are pretending to be sharks).

2013-04-17 15.16.342013-04-17 15.36.12

Site-seeing in DC.

2013-04-17 16.01.202013-04-17 16.24.10

Love these kids!

2013-04-17 16.26.48

Shelby with her apple. As you will see, she was loving apples on this trip.

2013-04-17 16.52.58

Cute little Liam with his hat – love that kid!

'13 Virginia Trip 61

Kris is in heaven. Hamburgers!

'13 Virginia Trip 62

Arlington Cemetery.

'13 Virginia Trip 66

Roosevelt Park – just love little Liam’s head looking over dad’s shoulder!

'13 Virginia Trip 74


'13 Virginia Trip 76

Beautiful view of Georgetown.

'13 Virginia Trip 82

Potamac River at Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument.

'13 Virginia Trip 86

Playing at the park. Shelby: I just gotta bite this! Liam: Hmm, looks like traffic ahead.

'13 Virginia Trip 87'13 Virginia Trip 91

Jefferson Memorial.

'13 Virginia Trip 93

Lincoln Memorial.

'13 Virginia Trip 97

Washington Memorial.

'13 Virginia Trip 100'13 Virginia Trip 95

Aviation Museum.

2013-04-15 14.39.59

DC Zoo.

'13 Virginia Trip 48

Kris and Kasey, pretending to sneak up on their prey.

'13 Virginia Trip 49

Shelby looks pretty unsure about this.

'13 Virginia Trip 46

Love that dimple.

'13 Virginia Trip 7


'13 Virginia Trip 9

George Washington’s Estate.

'13 Virginia Trip 39

Look ma, we’re packed and ready to go!

'13 Virginia Trip 43

Kasey making some great faces.

'13 Virginia Trip 44'13 Virginia Trip 45

Washington DC Temple – thank you Javan for taking such beautiful pictures!

'13 DC Temple 1'13 DC Temple 22'13 DC Temple 28'13 DC Temple 30'13 DC Temple 36'13 DC Temple 33'13 DC Temple 53

The Bowles Family – gotta love those guys!

'13 DC Temple 55'13 DC Temple 88

Say goodbye Virginia and Bowles Family!  We had the best time ever!

2013-04-18 16.25.30

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  1. Oh my! I have so much to say because I love ALL of these pictures! First of all, we had the best time! I'm so lucky you guys were willing to come and visit...I know I've said that a bunch. But I mean it! Pretty sure I wouldn't have survived until summer to see everyone if you hadn't come out. No joke. I had fun reliving this trip through your pictures! AH! I MISS YOU GUYS! We had the BEST time while you were here. Also, Liam and Shelby were much more rolly polly...and so was I! HA! I am very glad I have lost 20 pounds since then. Although, I love that pictures of me and Liam. Priceless. These kids grow too fast! I'm glad you got to fly with your whole family. That is much easier with dad around. Your kids are adorable. Best cousins ever! Kasey even looks younger in these pics. Stop growing kids! Okay, I can't wait until Christmas now. It is killing me. We are going to have a blast! I need my sister. BAM.