Friday, October 22, 2010

Donut Falls

Here is the last of our summer fun posts. But before I tell you about our Donut Falls adventures, let me tell you some exciting news: Kasey is now one year old (as of October 17)! Way to go buddy! Don't worry, we gave him quite the Tonka trucks birthday party, pictures of which will be included in the next blog, once I load them unto our computer.

Back to the Donut Falls Report: This summer we went twice to Donut Falls. The first time, sadly enough, we didn't even find the donut! :) We hiked up to the falls, looked up and didn't see any donut-like openings, and then proceeded to hike to the left of the falls (up quite the steep and precarious rock slide, I might add). After a bit of hiking, we found ourselves gazing down upon the river. Still no donut. Someone had told us that there had been a rock slide, covering the donut fall. Alas, we concluded, it must be true.

We didn't give up, however. We determined to visit the falls again. Soon we found ourselves at the base of the same waterfall. This time, we decided to climb up through the waterfall, instead of to the side. And, you guessed it! We found the donut falls!

Look how the forces of nature have combined to create a stunning replica of a such a delicious and popular pastry. (In other words: Look, the rock is shaped like a donut.)

Kris decided to climb up to get a better look.

Kasey and I took this picture under the falls. If you look close, you can see Kris peeking down at us.

This picture is proof that Kris dunked his head under the frigid flowing waters. He asked me if I wanted to join him. "But who would hold Kasey?" I replied. It was tough, but someone had to make the sacrifice and fore go the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of drenching one's self under pellets of ice water.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lake Powell!

Kris and I are pretty darn lucky: Both our families repeatedly go to Lake Powell each summer, and we get to join them! Thus far, we have been to Lake Powell in May, July, and August, and we are planning a trip in October. Talk about being spoiled! How could you not love the sightseeing-wakeboarding- skiing-tubing-napping-swimming-eating-hiking-cardplaying frenzy that begins as soon as we unpack! Here are a few pics from the May/July Lake Powell trips, although they aren't the best. We don't often take too many pics at Lake Powell because we are usually too busy playing!

One of our favorite Lake Powell activities: hiking!
Randy and Susanne Jones (Kris' parents) at the top of our canyon.
There's me looking at the view.
Randy, decorating the natural, sandstone arch with his face.
The houseboat parked down below.
Kris, the rough and rugged hiker.
Kasey, just chilling with dad. Belly hanging out - now that's the life!

Kasey with Grandma Sanny.
Kasey LOVES playing in the sand/mud.

That's all the even decent pics. However, just for the record, Kasey has now had his first boat, waverunner, and tube ride. If his father has his way, wakeboarding is next! (Mom says "No way!")

Random Summer Fun

I'm still trying to catch up on our summer! I realize I am months behind, but I thought I would still post a few pics/videos anyway, if nothing else for our family to remember our summer adventures. It's already been a bit since my last post, but not much has changed except for Kasey. He now has 5 teeth, and he is rapidly learning new words. His current vocabulary includes the following: drink, mmmm!, teeth, dog, cat, mom, dad, wow, book ("buh"), bath ("baf"), yeah, light, ball ("ba"), keys, and cheese. He also very clearly understands such phrases as, "Do you want to swing?" or "Should we play in the sandbox?" or "Bring me a book!" His usual response is "Yeah!" followed by a quick waddle over to the mentioned swing, sandbox, or bookcase. He is also quite the prolific kisser. His open-mouthed, slobbery kisses are loved by all. Even Molly is a recipient! My new favorite thing that he does: He'll bring me a book and then sit in my lap! How can I refuse that?

Now, back to our summer fun. Some of these pics are fairly old, but remember, I'm still catching up.

One warm summer night we ventured over to the Gateway mall to show Kasey the water fountains. He was mesmerized!

Kasey loved walking around, watching all the kids play in the water.

In August we went to Lagoon. Here is Kasey with Uncle Jake. The both have the same birthday! (I keep trying to upload a video of Kasey going on the kid's boat ride at Lagoon. Sorry, but you're going to have to use your imagination: Kasey looks miniature compared to the other riders. However, he takes his lone boat ride in style, one hand on the wheel, one arm resting on the door, chill as can be.)

Kasey's first motorcycle ride with Grandpa Randy. Four kids going for a ride - yikes!
Kasey loves playing with the mirror!
Kasey at Grandma and Grandpa Payne's house. What fun toys they have!

These pics are clear back in May/June. When we were at Lake Powell (of all places), Kasey learned to sit up from the laying down position. As soon as I would lay him down, he would sit right up, ready to play! So, he had to re-learn how to put himself to sleep. The result is some pretty unique sleeping positions! You can tell that he got so tired that he just plopped over!

It may be hard to see, but Kasey is sleeping on a pair of brown pants. He was wearing those pants when I put him in his crib! :)
This is his usual favorite sleeping position, feet tucked under and bum up stink-bug style.
And, once in a while, a stray limb seems to sneak right out of the crib.
Kasey playing with his magnet fridge gears! (You can tell this picture is old because he's wearing a jacket! Not quite summer yet.)
Kasey! You have spaghetti on your head!
These pics are clear back in June - Kasey's first ward campout! This is also old - he was just learning to stand, and he actually needed shoes for the first time!

And finally, one video to end. In August, Kasey and I flew to Virginia to see Heather (my sis) and Javan. We had the best time seeing where they live! We went to a delicious Mexican restaurant in the mall, and afterwards, Kasey took a little ride on an escalator. Oh, and I finally got the boat video to post, so here's another one!