Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're still here!

I know, it's been a super long time since we've updated our blog, and sorry, no pictures this time. We are in the middle of moving, but pictures will come!

Our summer has just been crazy, filled with trips to Lake Powell and Alaska, my sister Heather's wedding, plus packing, moving, and now apartment hunting in Salt Lake. We said good-bye to Renton, Washington on July 31 (tear, tear). We are going to miss all our friends there! It was such an amazing year. It's hard to leave!

Now we are in Utah, and Kris has just started his grad school orientation this week. Already, they have him working hard with school work! All last week we looked for a place to live. We drove around looking at dozens of options in the Salt Lake valley. (Who would have thought that there were so many places to rent?) We found a few options, and applied for a place within walking distance of campus. Even though the place was 100 years old (Kris affectionallly nicknamed the place "Old Slanty"), we were hoping to get the place. However, we weren't the only ones that applied, and we just found out today that it was rented to someone else. :( We are so sad. Now it's back to our list of places.

I've been growing bigger and rounder by the day, and little Baby Jones is getting stronger. He's kicking and rolling and elbowing all around inside. We're getting so excited to be parents! I'm planning on being a stay-at-home mom, but I'm applying to substitute teach until he comes. We can't wait until he gets here!

As soon as we're settled, we'll pull out the camera and post some pictures of our summer adventures, including a picture or two of my growing belly...maybe. :)