Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're having a...Monkey?

Well, techncally it's a boy. Here is the photo update. From the looks of the ultrasound it appears that our son is part monkey, or part dog, judging by the protruding muzzle area of his face. Tiffany contends that he is still developing and the doctor agrees with her, but I'm not buying it. Instead I am preparing for the best and thinking up some new names - like Capuchin and Koko. Besides, I think it would be handy to have such a prodigious proboscis; you could more easily lick the yogurt out of the poorly-designed, pain-in-the-butt, narrow-topped yoplait containers. I love preparing for fatherhood. By the way, it seems like lots of friends are going to have babies soon. I would highly recommend the Fatherhood book by Bill Cosby - best advice I've seen yet. Anyway, enjoy the ultrasound picture.

Monday, June 1, 2009

WE FIND OUT WHAT WE ARE HAVING IN 5 DAYS! YEAH! Yes, on Friday, June the 5th, we willknow the gender of our child. We will definitely keep you posted!

Other news: Kris has officially been accepted to the University of Utah! We will be moving back to Utah in August. Originally, the plan was for Kris to earn a Master's of Construction degree at the University of Washington. Currently, he is just finishing up a construction certificate program as a pre-req for the grad program. But then, looking at the economy (now is not a ripe time for construction work) Kris decided it would be better to receive a degree in paleo-gynecology instead of a Construction Management degree. So, as we looked at our options for school, and compared the cost of living and going to school in Washington vs. Utah, the choice was seemingly obvious. Especially considering we will soon be having a baby (yeah!) we need to save our money, and U of U is much less expensive. Plus, there are two grandmas who are going to be delighted that a new little grandbaby will be nearby. It's my mom's first! So, back to Utah, here we come!

Our plan now is to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and glorious green scenery of a lush Washington summer. i am almost done teaching for the year - the last day officially June 23 - and Kris will be done with his program next week. Our summer plan is still somewhat up in the air - there are a few cosntruction jobs coming up for Kris, maybe summer school teaching for Tif, and perhaps an Alaskan adventure and a Lake Powell trip or two.

Any guesses, girl or boy? 5 MORE DAYS!