Saturday, November 2, 2013

Catching up…Big Time

So, I believe these pictures were taken in January… yes, I know it’s November!  But in an effort to make this blog our family journal/scrapbook, I have to back track a little. I’m going to spend some time here and there catching up on pics, so here we go!

Making Fort Jones:

'13 Fort Jones 1'13 Fort Jones 2'13 Fort Jones 6'13 Fort Jones 7

Next post, our DC visit. Here’s a sneak preview…

'13 Virginia Trip 1

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  1. Coolest fort ever! I want to play! I wish we got that much snow. Hopefully this year we will get more! Also, your kids all bundled up are adorable. I want to kiss their squishy cheeks off! And that bath tub picture...3 little heartbreakers right there.