Thursday, May 6, 2010

We did it. We got a dog.

Tiffany finally agreed to a dog. In fact, she even said Kris could choose a dog for his birthday present. (It sounded like such a good idea at the time.) Her name is Molly May, and she is an English/American Bulldog mix, about 7 weeks old. We feel like we have another baby in the house! Kasey and Molly have quite a few similarities: (1) They both put everything in their mouths and are constantly chewing on things. (2) They are curious and inquisitive, getting into everything, especially what they're not supposed to. (3) They want your constant attention and company and cry/whine when you leave the room. (4) They both need to be trained; however, I think Molly has Kasey beat. She'll be potty-trained before Kasey's even walking (or else she better be!). :) Sometimes I think we are crazy - a puppy and a baby? What were we thinking?

As a stay-at-home mom with Kasey and Molly, things have gone fairly smoothly. However, we have had a few trying moments. We have a dog gate that keeps Molly in the kitchen area. One day Molly was in the kitchen playing and Kasey was on the other side of the gate playing. If I was in the room with Kasey, Molly would start to whine. Then, if I went into the kitchen with Molly, Kasey would start to cry. Even though the gate is see-through, they each wanted me right there! I didn't feel comfortable letting Kasey play on the floor with Molly, at least not without constant, vigilant supervision, so I thought of a solution. I put Kasey in the carrier and we proceeded to the kitchen. However, simply my presence alone wasn't good enough for Molly. She weaseled her way right onto my lap! I guess that's the solution, then. I'll be spending quite a few of my days, sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor, with both "kids" on my lap. This isn't quite what I pictured motherhood to be, but I guess it works!

We weeded the yard the other day, and Kasey chose to taste some leaves and dirt. (Molly did too, if you must know, but the evidence wasn't quite as pronounced on her face.)

More pics of Kasey (He's 7 months old on the 17th!)

Playing with dad! (He loves to flop himself upsidedown.)

Kris and Kasey in their Sunday vests!

P.S. If anyone has tips on dog housebreaking, childproofing your dog, and/or teaching a dog not to bite at your pants and never let go (Molly thinks this is so fun despite my stern "No's, shaking a can with pennies in it, and/or spraying her in the face with water), I'd be much obliged. Oh, and a reminder of why it's worth it to train a puppy might help, too. :)

New Job, Diaper Explosions, and Tulips!

We have exciting news to announce: Kris interviewed for a job at USTAR for an internship this summer, and, you guessed it - he was on time for his interview! Oh, and he got the job! We (Tiffany and Kasey) are so happy for him! Of all the internship opportunities, this fits his interests and career plan the most. We are so grateful! We know the Lord is looking out for us! Tiffany is also accomplishing great things: She recently cleaned out the microwave and organized the baby food jars by category. Kasey, refusing to be outdone, is continuing to shock and awe with his diaper explosions. (See below for more details.) Nothing but greatness coming from the Jones' family! Even our house is catching on - check out these tulips! Who would have thought that the previous owners were such prolific gardeners? Lucky for us - Tiffany absolutely LOVES tulips!

P.S. (Do not read if you have a weak stomach.) One of Kasey's diaper blowouts was unbelievable. Poo (excuse me, I mean bodily waste) went up his back, extending in a slim-like manner to his armpits. After Kris managed to wrestle Kasey out of his shirt, the stuff was everywhere, including a nice-sized glob on Kasey's forehead. (Note: Kasey is now eating solids, and his excrements are no longer the sweet-smelling baby poos of old.) We expedited Kasey to the kitchen sink where he was rinsed clean. The whole time Kasey was crying, unsettled by our frenzied attempt to wash him. Then we plunked him in the bath. Poor kid!