Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kasey is 6 months old tomorrow!

Once again, it's been awhile since I've updated our blog. You can expect this in the future. Being a mom is a full time job! :) So, the update. We'll start with Kasey. He is just getting more and more fun all the time. He is sitting up now, starting to eat solids, and becoming quite the active boy. He grabs and eats everything in sight. He is so much fun, and we are learning his little ticklish spots that make him giggle and giggle. He makes us laugh and smile every day. Kris: He is working hard in his classes, almost finished with his second semester of grad school. He interviewed to be one of the directors for the UEC (Utah Entreprenuership Challenge) next year, and he got the position! In fact, he worked so hard as a volunteer this year with the sponsors that they made a new position just for him! I know I'm bragging a little, but he's worked so hard! Not only is this a great opportunity to be involved, but Kris will also recieve a part-time scholarship. We are so blessed! Kris is also working part-time on a construction job, in charge of the painting. He is so busy, but he's doing such a wonderful job managing work, school, and family. Tiffany: I'm loving being a mom! I do a little substituting now and then, but mostly I'm home, refining my diaper-changing, laundry-doing, dinner-making, house-cleaning, baby-loving skills! We'll use pictures to tell what else we've been up to:

Kasey's first hike at Zion's National Park. He knows he's one cool dude.

Mom and Kasey love to go on walks (and sometimes dad)! He's all ready to go!

Kasey loves playing with his dad.

And, as I mentioned earlier, eating everything in sight.

Check out this hat. For some reason, it made me laugh and laugh, even now just thinking about it! It accentuates his features quite nicely, dont' you think?

"Stop laughing mom! You're hurting my feelings!"

Kasey fell asleep holding on to his crib. Too funny!

Yummy, rice cereal!

Yay for sweet potatoes!

Last pic. We got some professional pics taken when he was 4 1/2 mo.'s old. This one was my favorite! Thanks for reading!