Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Letter 2010

As usual, our "Christmas Letter" turns into a "Happy New Year" letter! We wish we could send out formal letters, but we are seeking to simplify our Christmas this year. Hurray for technology! J

We have had a wonderful but busy year. Kris has been studying hard as a full-time MBA student at the University of Utah. He works part-time for USTAR, a government organization which assists start-up businesses. He is also involved with student organizations, and he fills the remaining hours with church callings and family time. He seldom has time for himself, although he did buy a Nintendo game the other day. He hasn't played it yet, but he did buy it! J We are so grateful for all he does for our family!

Tiffany is blessed to stay at home, managing the house and taking care of Kasey. She loves being a mom. She keeps busy with her sewing and scrapbook projects, book club, and neighborhood playgroup.

Kasey has grown up so much this year! At 14 months he is a full-time toddler and boy, constantly busy! He loves to get into everything. His favorite pastimes are taking lids on and off Tupperware, playing outside (he LOVES dirt and snow), reading books, getting into the dog food, and running around destroying everything he can. J His latest accomplishment was climbing up and sliding down the big kid slide at the playground – all by himself! Lately he has been learning new words all the time, including the dreaded " No, no!" One of his favorite words is, "uh, oh!" which he often preemptively declares before he drops his food off his tray. He brings so much happiness to our home, and we are so grateful for our son!

In other family news, Tif is seeking to make peace with her arch-enemy, Molly, the dog. J We have struck an agreement to co-exist for the benefit of all other family members, namely Kris, Kasey, and future posterity. Molly has grown to be quite the hefty bulldog. Despite her brute strength, she is gentle with Kasey and will tolerate all the tail-grabbing and eye-poking that Kasey gives her. She is also fairly obedient for her age as well as friendly and people-loving. She is turning into a good dog and member of our family. (By "good dog" Tif means she has hopes that someday she will view Molly in those terms. J She is still a puppy, after all.)

We have also filled our year with fun family adventures. We were spoiled by numerous trips to Lake Powell – both of our families are frequent Lake Powell visitors. We also filled the summer with a few hiking and camping trips. Kasey and Mom visited Aunt Heather and Uncle Javan in Virginia – Kasey's first flight!

We wanted to express our appreciation for all of you – our family and friends who are so supportive of us and add so much joy to our lives. We are so blessed! We wish you the best, and we are so grateful for your friendship.

With love,

The Jones Family

PS Christmas pictures coming soon!