Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Pics–Kasey and Shelby

Wild Hair!


Isn’t there an uncanny resemblance in this pic? Check out Kasey and Shelby’s faces!


Asleep in the laundry basket!



Dolled up for church.


We wondered if Shelby would end up a thumb sucker…but thank goodness she’s giving it up.

Shelby on her blessing day.  It was such a wonderful occasion: a beautiful blessing given by Kris with so much support from family. Sadly, this is the only picture we have of her on that special day, in her carseat. Kris took a bunch on his phone, but now we can’t find them!  I’m crushed. Sad smile Her dress is just beautiful, given by Grandma and Aunt Steff.


First shots. (Love those little butterball legs!)


Kris has a mullet again…Shelby’s face says it all.


Dad rocking Shebly to sleep.  Love that little fat face!


Cute little naked bum!  Shelby definitely has a bigger bum than Kasey did!  She’s already got those child-bearing hips!


Kasey lovin’ his lil’ sis.


These are some of my favorite moments, when Kasey is talking to his sister – he just loves to touch her! And Shelby just watches him and watches him. Kasey can make Shelby laugh the most! (As well as make her upset a time or two with his roughness…Shelby still doesn’t know what to think of his kisses!)


Sweet big brother moment.  Shelby was sad in the stroller, but as soon as I had Kasey put his arm out and she leaned against him, she fell right asleep.


Monster face!  Kasey and I love making (and eating!) treats together.


Playing with dad!



All dolled up again for church!  Oh how I love having a little girl! Smile


Read for our daily walk!



Dad protecting Shelby from the rain at the Bees Game!

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We’re starting to get more in the swing of things having 2 kiddos to care for. It’s the hardest when they both need something at the same time, but they’re learning to be patient, and I’m learning to better meet their needs. It’s never boring, that’s for sure.  It is so fun to see how these two interact together, too.  The most precious moments of my day are the times when I get to just enjoy being with my kids.

Shelby is growing up so fast!  I can’t believe that she is almost 6 months old! She is so social and sweet, smiling at everyone with her darling dimples and big, bright blue eyes. Her giggle melts your heart.  She is starting to be more vocal – screaming and squealing.  She is close to sitting up by her self, and busies herself with grabbing everything in sight and directing it to her mouth. She is so sweet, pleasant, and easy-going.

Kasey is so fun and full of energy.  He loves to play with Shelby (sometimes too roughly!), but you know he loves his lil’ sis. He is very independent, stubborn, and has a mind of his own (just like his mom).  We’re learning to work through this moments.  But he also has a sweet and loving side, and his spontaneous hugs and kisses melt your heart. He has quite the shock of wild red hair (just cut into a –do just like his dad’s – more pics to come). He is always making us laugh and keeping us entertained.  Here’s a few funny moments:

· I was telling Kasey how Jesus died and was put in a tomb. Then Kasey pipped up, “And he lived again! He lived for all the evers!”

· “I’m not feeling very good. I need some ice cream.”

· Strutting through the house: “Watch out! Baseball Player coming!”

· “I’m a very, very worker harder at the jobsite.”

· When Kasey was visiting his Aunt Steffanie, he fell at Kohl’s and hit his head pretty good. Steff felt so bad, and started crying. Kasey went up to her and said, “You have to be brave Aunt Steffanie!”

· “The statue of liberty doesn’t need a bath. I’m the statue of liberty.”

· “My bum is my own poo’s slide!”

· “When I grow up, I will be able to make farts with my armpits.” (After listening to Kris demonstrate this.)

· “You know what I like best, mom? I like that you take care of me at home.” If that’s not a testament for the stay-at-home mom, I don’t know what is! That makes it all worth it.

· “The park is calling us! Liberty Park and the ducks are calling me on the park’s phone!” He really wanted to go to the park!

· “Hotdogs are bigger wieners than ours.” (After Kris refered to hotdogs as wieners.)

· “I want some milk. Trust me dad!”

· Kris: “Kasey, what are you getting into?” Kasey:“I was getting into not anything. I was getting into not treats.” For the record, he wasn’t getting into treats – he just knocked over some videos.

· Kasey: “I don’t like crust-es.” (crusts) Mom: “Well, then just eat the middle.” Kasey: “I can’t. The crust is in the way!”

· “I don’t like vegetables, by the way.”

· “Shelby’s rolling over herself automatically!” (Earlier I had explained that automatically meant by itself.)

· “Look how pretty darn my shoes are dirty!”

· Grandma said they’d get some ice cream at the zoo. Kasey replied, “That’s the spirit!”

· “Can I marry Shelby when she grows up?”

· “My throat is poking me with a stick.” (Describing a sore throat.)

· “You have spikes on your legs!” (I needed to shave ).

· Looking at Shelby: “She’s very beautiful.” After thinking for a minute: “I’m very wonderful!”

· After talking about his Uncle Jake serving a mission in Hungary: “Hungary is called: He needs some food.”

Kris continues to work hard for our family – juggling several jobs, a busy calling, and family life like a champ. We are so blessed to have each other!  The Lord is taking good care of us!

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