Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Pics!

Here’s our last fall family pics from 2010, which I failed to put on the blog. Here Kasey is exactly one year old – the pictures were taken on his birthday!


Here are the ones taken this year, when Kasey just turned 3, and Shelby is 5 1/2 months old:




Matching Mullets!



Shelby with Cousin McKayle and Grandma Sannie and Kasey with cousin Braiden and Grandpa Randy.


The whole fam damily – the Jones side.


And now, a few cousin pics that we took a few months ago:

Cousins Aug 2012 5Cousins Aug 2012 21Cousins Aug 2012 23Cousins Aug 2012 136Cousins Aug 2012 110Cousins Aug 2012 114

Cousins Aug 2012 138Cousins Aug 2012 234Cousins Aug 2012 209Cousins Aug 2012 170

Kasey ready to ride the motorcycle. “Am I done with pics yet?” Kasey and Shelby in their Ute gear.

Cousins Aug 2012 237Cousins Aug 2012 283

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