Saturday, October 27, 2012

July Lake Powell Trip!

This was officially Shelby’s first trip to Powell!  She was only a few months old, but she did great! We also had another little baby on board – Milo, the son of Kris’ cousin Ashley and Jason. We were able to keep the babes cool with a fan and dips in the lake. Kasey had a blast playing on the beach, throwing rocks in the water, and taking his first wakeboard run with dad.







Peace out!


Kris even orchestrated a smooth ending for Kasey, plopping him right on the tube at the back of the houseboat.


Kasey had fun and I think was pretty proud of himself. I was pretty proud of Kris, too – not only did Kasey come back alive, but he didn’t even get wet!

Shelby on the boat – she wasn’t a big fan of the life jacket. Here she is going for a dip with mom!

0572012-07-02 18.44.11

Kasey hanging out with his cousin McKayle, watching a movie.

2012-07-02 18.59.31

First family hike!

2012-07-04 08.23.39

Kris and Kasey with their sticks.

2012-07-04 08.49.21

On our long hike to the top of tapestry wall. Here’s Kasey’s hair, blowing in the breeze.

2012-07-05 12.35.58

Beautiful views of our campsite – aw Lake Powell!

2012-07-04 09.03.17

Our first family boat ride all together!


Dad is protecting Shelby from the wind. Kasey’s wild hair!


Kasey manning the boat.

541384_4255371509389_1683429182_n (2)

We had such a wonderful time together on our first family vacation. We are so blessed that we get to visit Powell several times a year!

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