Monday, April 16, 2012

Potty Training, Mullets, and More

My favorite way to tell what we’ve been up to is through pictures, so here you go:

Kasey snuggled up with some of his favorite things: Pooh Bear, Airplane blanket, movie. Could life get better?

DSC01096 Watching a movie

Kasey and dad doing the dishes together. Kasey is actually a remarkably good helper for his age. Yes, he does play in the bubbles and always gets water everywhere in his dumping fun, but he knows how to put dishes in the water, rinse, and stack. If only he would enjoy doing dishes as much when he’s a teenager…


Dad and Kasey all set up to attack (throw balls at) their army men. They had to do something productive while mom went to bookclub.


Kasey building a really big tower!


Kasey ready to go outside, shorts and all! (By the way, those little black shorts are his favorite. He would wear those everyday if he could, and he is devastated when they are dirty, delighted when I wash them for him. He told me once that he could run fast in them! That’s probably why they’re his favorite!)


Potty training time! As you can see, I created a motivational potty treat and toys basket. It did motivate Kasey to sit on the potty when he had silly putty or bubbles to play with. And every time he pooed or peed on the potty – treat time!

DSC01185 potty training basket

We started with lots of juice and movies and sitting on the potty. As you can see, we moved the potty into our living room for ease and convenience.

DSC01187 sitting on the potty

Kasey actually picked up the concept fairly fast; however, it still feels like we are potty training months later. I assumed that after about a week, Kasey would be able to tell me every time he needed to go on the potty. I realized that he would still need lots of reminders; kids get distracted and forget. So now, we just have gotten into the habit of going about every hour to avoid accidents. He’s doing better on making it to the potty to poop, too. But the hard part of potty training is done, and before the baby, too! Hurray! Only one kid in a diaper! Here are a few funny potty training moments:

• Kasey has learned that when you pee you “relax” and when you poo you say, “rrrr!”
• I told Kasey: “When you pee in the potty you get a treat. When you pee in your pants, you don’t get a treat.” Then just to review, I said, “What happens when you pee on the potty?” Kasey: “I get a treat!” Me: “What happens when you pee in your pants?” Kasey: “Mommy gets mad.” :)
• Me: “I’ve got to go to the bathroom. I feel the poops coming.” Kasey: “Can I feel?”
• Kasey looked in the potty, and he was so excited he made a baby poo and a daddy poo! He wanted to make a mommy poo too, but he just couldn’t do it! :)
• While putting on his Thomas underwear: “We don’t want to poop on Thomas. That makes him feel bad!” Thomas isn’t the only one who feels bad when Kasey poops in his underwear!
• Kasey had some friends over, and we were all playing upstairs in the attic. I had already brought Kasey’s potty upstairs because I knew he needed to go poo, but then I went to get some wipes to be prepared. As I was coming back up the stairs, I hear, “Mom, I have poo on my toe!” This sounds pretty funny in retrospect, but I thought, “Oh, great!” But, the good news is that he did go on the potty! It just somehow ended up on his foot…and the carpet….
• Another time I put him down for a nap. He was playing in his room for a long time, happy, but not sleeping. I went to check on him, and I found that Kasey had tried to change his poopy diaper all by himself. Mr. Independent. I didn’t know whether to be mad that he made a mess and didn’t come get me, or glad that he tried to take care of it on his own. What I found was a big spot of poo smeared into the carpet next to his poopy diaper, and then a pile of wipes on the opposite side of the room by his diaper drawer. He had put his pants back on and everything. Thank goodness my mom gave me a carpet cleaner for Christmas!

We had a delightful visit to Hurricane. Kris and Kasey decided to go hiking in my backyard. Yes, this is what I grew up with – my backyard backed up against a mountain. It made for some fun adventures. It’s hard to see, but Kris and Kasey are on the big black rock on top of the hill, right in the middle of the picture.


While visiting, we decided to go to the St. George Parade of Homes. Here’s a picture that we took while touring. We saw some stunningly beautiful homes and enjoyed dreaming of someday. Plus, Kasey peed on me. We had such a nice time. (To clarify, I was holding Kasey and we were rushing to find a bathroom. In his defense, he did tell me he needed to go. Unfortunately, the nearest bathroom was at the bottom of a hill.)

DSC01403 fam at parade of homes

Lately, whenever I go to check on Kasey after he’s fallen asleep, I’m always greeted with some sort of surprise, it seems. Here are a few things I’ve found:

Kasey moved all of his pillows and blankets to the corner of his room near his Christmas tree and fell asleep.

DSC01101 Decided to sleep by Christmas tree

Kasey tucked in with Tigger.


Wearing his favorite Spiderman hat.

DSC01434 asleep w hat

Buried under stuffed animals – can you find him?


Holding his toy saw.


Inside his pillow case.


With a monster truck.

DSC01422 asleep with truck

With a book.

DSC01426 asleep with book

And another book.

DSC01427 asleep with book again

Okay, so maybe that seemed a bit tedious, but I thought it was a funny series of pictures. Here’s another series, this time with Kasey and Molly. For all the work and grief Molly causes me, this is why I’m glad we have her around: Kasey loves her. He crawls all over her, wrestles with her, plays with her face, and steals Molly’s toys so she chases him. There are moments when Molly pesters him, but I know Kasey loves having her around. It’s really like a brother sister relationship.


Kasey loves to bring his blankets and lay by Molly on her bed.


Molly giving Kasey kisses.

DSC01424 molly giving kisses

So, are you still wondering why I put mullets in the title? I have kept you in suspense. To sum up, I’ll just copy what I posted on facebook: “I’m feeling a little bit violated and betrayed right now. I have been tricked into doing something that I deem to be both socially and morally reprehensible, and by none other than my very own husband. It started out so innocent – “I just need a little trim.” Then, “A little more off the sides…now a little more off the top…but keep it long in the back…” You can see how this turned out, right? Really, Kris, a mullet again!!!?.”

Sigh. What I’m worried about now is that Kris is going to try and cut Kasey’s hair into a mullet – yikes! Worse yet – I’m afraid I’m going to be beguiled into cutting Kasey’s hair into a mullet because I’m going to be so afraid of how Kris is going to cut it! Double Yikes! I’ll have to keep you posted on our mullet battle. Until next time…

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