Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Update for the Baby Comes!

I’m determined to be caught up on blogging before little baby girl Jones comes! So, here is the last set of pictures. Next blog – you will meet our new little girl!

Kasey and I had a chance to visit the fire station with a little preschool group. Kasey LOVES fire engines, so this was quite the experience! Whenever he hears one, he rushes to the window to watch, and he’ll pretend that things are on fire and spray them off with a pretend fire hose.

He wasn’t quite sure about the firefighter after she put on her mask – she looks a little scary! But, I finally convinced him to go take a picture.

DSC01439 unsure about scary mask

Inside the fire engine.

DSC01441 in fire engine!

With the firefighters and the preschool group.


Kasey driving the fire engine!

DSC01448 in driver's seat!

Easter – we had such a wonderful picnic at Copperton Park, Kris’ favorite park of all time. We had hamburgers and an egg hunt, then enjoyed playing on the playground. It was such a refreshing afternoon. While there, we also celebrated Kris’ 30th birthday! He’s getting so old! :)

Kasey hunting for eggs.

IMG_20120408_160945 (2)

Kasey with his loot. This is a horrible picture of me, by the way, so just look at Kasey. You never feel lovely 8 months pregnant. :)

IMG_20120408_163144 (2)

Here we are decorating Easter eggs. Kris decorated Kasey’s face in tribal fashion using robin’s eggs.


Our eggs – dumptruck, airplane, train.


Kasey’s egg, decorated in dumptruck stickers.


Kasey and Molly with their big sticks. The funny thing was, I had to give them each a big stick so that they wouldn’t fight. They are so like a brother and sister sometimes.

DSC01430 Kasey and Molly w sticks

My cousin Annie came to visit, and here’s Kasey with her cute kids Ryder and Athan.

DSC01458 Ryder, Athan, Kasey

They loved playing on the fire engine together. Kasey and Athan would take turns driving. Athan informed me that they went to the gas station and the aquarium. When Athan asked Kasey what song they should listen to, Kasey replied, “The Dinosaur Song.” It was too cute seeing them play together.


Kasey playing and singing for us on the piano. He has such a fun, little voice, and he knows so many songs. As you can see, he is getting quite the mop of hair on his head! Kris, don’t you dare turn his hair into a mullet! I’ve been loving it long!


Only a few more weeks until the baby comes! She’s due May 7th – crazy how close that is! We are so excited to meet her! It’s going to be so different having a girl around, though. I tend 2 little girls every Tuesday (Isabel and Charlotte), and I’ve been discovering that girls and boys play so differently! Here’s one example. They were all playing pirates, and Kasey was running around with a stick trying to poke the girls. He came to me, proceeded to poke me, and then said, “You are all owied!” Meanwhile, one of the girls was twirling in circles and informing me that she was a “fairy pirate.” There really is a difference between boys and girls! :) We’re excited to have one of each! It's been such a blessing to tend these 2 cute girls - Kasey LOVES going to their house!

Before the baby comes, I’ve been taking it easy. I have been tending half-days Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, plus 2 piano lessons on Thursday. For now, I’m taking a break from all of that for awhile, except the piano lessons. It’s been so nice to have more time at home – I’m so grateful to be a stay-at-home mom! We might never be rich, but I’m so grateful that I can be with Kasey and manage our house. It’s been such a blessing. I can’t imagine having to leave him all day to go to work – hopefully I’ll never have to!

Lately Kasey has been getting his 2 year molars. Last night he told me that his tooth was “wrestling with the little teeth!” That sounds like a pretty accurate description of teething, poor thing!

Otherwise, we are just getting ready for the baby, and Kris is staying busy with work, service, and family, as usual. We are so blessed!

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  1. Kasey is so big! So much fun! I can't wait to see what your little girl looks like! :)