Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christmas...Yes, I'm really that far behind.

We're about due for an update. Let's see, what's been going on in our lives...oh, yeah! We're expecting! And by expecting, I mean only 2 more months left! Well, that obviously tells you how behind I am at blogging! :) We are having a little girl, and she is due May 7. We are so excited for everything pink and polka dots and bows! Kasey knows he's having a little sister, too. In fact, he's been pointing next to him in the bath or on the piano bench and telling me: "My sister can sit right here." :) And you can't hide my protruding belly any longer. (Some people would call my shape BULBOUS, but we won't name any names right now, right Kris?). Kasey can't help but notice either. In fact, Kasey was pointing to my belly and told me there’s a little sister in there. Then he proceeded to inform me, “That’s because your belly is big and you eat too much dinner and cookies!” Very true, son! You are so wise.

A few other things Kasey has said and done recently:
  • Me: “What should we do for family night?” Kasey: “Let’s run around and eat a brownie!” Add a lesson, and that sounds about right!
  • Kasey: "Let's make some waffles for dinner!" Me: "We're actually having rice and chicken tonight." Kasey: "Oh, rice and chicken? That's too bad!" Me: "Can we try some rice and chicken first?" Kasey: "Yeah, we can do that." (He sounds so grown up sometimes. I forgot he's only 2!)
  • My family still had their Christmas tree up in February, and Kris said, "What a nice Christmas tree!" Kasey commented, "It's still Christmas at their house!"
  • We were showing each other our mad faces at dinner. I asked Kasey, "What do you say when you're mad?" He replied, "No, Molly! Get out of the trash!" :) (Molly is the dog, by the way.) Looks like I've taught him well! It was at this same dinner Kasey decided asparagus looks like dinosaur tails. Trust us, dinosaur tails are much more fun to eat.
  • Kasey is very conversational with people at the store or park, and he also carries on a decent conversation on the phone. An example is when he was talking to his grandpa Payne. Here are just a few phrases I heard from his conversation: "I'm a big boy Grandpa." "I'm big right now." "I wear big shoes when I walk." "Bye Grandpa, I'll see you in the morning!" (As you can see, being big is very important to him.)
  • It's also fun to hear the names he comes up for things: "burrito chips" for Doritos and "drying paper" for paper towels in public restrooms. :)
  • Two is such a fun stage - in between the tantrums that is! :) It's so fun to be able to converse with Kasey and hear his thoughts and how he perceives the world - I love it! We do have some difficult moments when Kasey is learning how to ask nicely (instead of hitting, whining, crying inconsolably, etc.) for the things that he wants (and that sometimes you can't have everything you want, even when you do ask nicely!). But overall, Kasey adds so much life and joy to our lives. He is helpful and fun, and full of so much energy!
Kris and I aren't quite as entertaining. Kris continues to work hard at Ivory Homes...and starting a granite business...and working part-time construction for his dad...and serving as our Ward Mission Leader..., and Tiffany continues to stay busy with part-time babysitting, piano lessons, and being a mom. We are still living in the infamous "Old Slanty," and I complain from time to time about it's lack of modern conveniences, but it seems that every time I do, I am humbled by the reminder of all the wonderful things we have in life that bring true joy: the gospel, our families, and each other. Not everyone enjoys these simple blessings, blessings that bring much more happiness than the fanciest modern convenience money could buy (i.e. a dishwasher). The key to happiness is being grateful for all you have, and to learn to be happy now - not waiting until that distant someday when I have a washer and dryer conveniently located in my very own home! (But I can dream, right?)

I have a few more updates - Kris' hair and potty training being some of them, but I will wait until the next blog and add a few more fun pictures. But for now, we better catch up on Christmas (that seems like so long ago!).

So, yes I realize that Christmas was ages ago, but if you'd like to re-live it with us, here are a few pictures.

Kasey and his cousin McKayle at temple square.

Kris is having an especially good time.
All of us together.
This same weekend we went to cut down a Christmas tree. You heard me right - a real, live Christmas tree! All my dreams were coming true.

Kasey falling asleep on the way.
Kris thought this sounded like a good idea, so he decided to sleep as well. (Kris, the road!)
We found it! Our Christmas tree!
All together.
Dad and Kasey sawing down the tree.
Check out those muscles!
With my family, we've started a tradition of having a girls' day together over the holidays. Here are my two cute sisters, displaying our hand, nail and face items - time to get glamorous!
Another tradition - singing Christmas songs around the piano Christmas Eve.
Kasey loves playing the piano with his grandpa!
...and playing the guitar with his dad!
We had a wonderful Christmas morning - going to church, singing in my family's ward choir, and skyping with my brother in Hungary on his mission! It was so fun to see him and talk to him. Technology is amazing. We also heard him speaking Hungarian - crazy! He is doing well and working hard. I can't believe he only has 9 months left! Kasey knows that his Uncle Jake is a missionary - thanks for being such a good example Jake!

With such a busy morning planned, we decided to open presents the night before. Kasey really liked my new hat!
Checking himself out in the mirror.
"I am one handsome dude!"
"Okay, I smiled for the camera. Now can I open my presents?!"
It's time!

Playing with a new track from Grandma and Grandpa!
Doing a new puzzle with dad.
After spending some wonderful time in Hurricane for the holidays, we headed up to Salt Lake Christmas afternoon. It makes for a busy Christmas, but we are sure glad we can spend the day with both families!

Another pile of presents at the Jones's! What a lucky kid!
Blanket made by Grandma Glenna.
What a happy moment - a Thomas pillow pet!
Trying on his new construction gear.
Oh, and you were probably dying to know what our Christmas tree looked like! it is! (The funny thing is...our tree is still lying in our front yard at this moment. :) Like mother like daughter, I suppose. It's still Christmas at our house, too!)

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