Thursday, November 10, 2011

Locks of Love

13 inches, 2 ponytails, 1 happy little girl - I hope!

I think Kasey has his mom's hair. :)


Kris wants to show everyone that he can grow hair, too! Below is his hair from when he had a mullet (from ONE of the times he had a mullet, I should say).

I'm really hoping that our girls get my hair. :) (Don't feel bad, Kris. Your mullet was very nice.)

So, do I like short hair? (I know you are dying to know). The answer: Yes, it's been a fun change, especially considering that I have never had my hair this short! There are things I miss about long hair, such a braids and ponytails, but I definitely love how much time I save now (not to mention shampoo!).


  1. I love your hair short! It is such a fun change! You look beautiful either way of course! I am sure you made one little girl very happy to get a nice, thick head of hair!

  2. I love it! I am tempted to cut mine these days. And we always seemed to do it at the same time when we were growing up! Maybe it is a sign. PS Steve loves Kris's mullet. (No comment from me. lol)