Friday, October 7, 2011

Last Summer Update - I hope!

This was such a fun learning place for kids. There is a reconstructed pioneer village, , complete with people dressed in the style of the times. You can go from building to building, learning pioneer games; how to wash pioneer clothes; how to punch leather; make Indian crafts and visit teepees; visit the post office, barber shop, general store, etc. There was also a little petting zoo, pony rides, train ride, and panning for gold. Kasey had the best time! Here's a few pics:

Kasey at the end of the day. For some reason, he decided to lay down on this bridge and take a little breather. :)
There was also a playground with miniature houses for kids to play in. Fun!
Kasey with the sheep and goats.
Kasey on his first pony ride!
Heather came to visit us for a week, and we had the best time! I don't have too many pictures of that week, so if you're curious, check out her blog. She's much better at picture taking. In the picture below, Kasey and I decided to take a little hike up my backyard. We used to always hike to these lava rocks and play as kids. (I know, right? Imagine having a mountain in your backyard growing up! Lucky!) Here's Kasey at the top of the little hill overlooking Hurricane.
The view. I love the semi-rural life that I grew up with! We've enjoyed our time living in downtown Salt Lake, but there's nothing like space and clean air!
This is kind-of a random, funny picture. Kasey was supposed to be going to sleep. Apparently, he had a little fun with stickers before tuckering out. Check out his arm. :)
While my sister Heather was in town, we headed up to SLC for a family reunion. For part of that reunion, we went to Lagoon. Here's Kasey with Grandpa on the train.
Kris and Kasey on the carousal.
Kasey didn't have too much fun on this ride, but at least he didn't lose his granola bar.
Kris decided to take Kasey on Kris' favorite roller coaster ride when he was ten. I believe Kasey's thoughts are something like this: "I don't know about this mom. There's a guy with a crazy mullet buckling us in."
This may be hard to see, but Kasey is crying in this picture. Kris is trying to console him or he's laughing, or both. I think Kris and I both realized that although Kasey seems older, he's not even 2, and he's probably not ready for roller coasters... yet. :)
Afterwards: Stunned and completely shaken. He could not believe that his own father would expose him to such horror.
That's more like it - a calm boat ride.
Kasey's favorite ride - the cars.
Kasey told me he was trying on Uncle Jake's wakeboard (really it's a snowboard). If you ask him, Kasey will tell you that he wants to wakeboard someday. (Someday far in the future, right Kris?)
Check out Kasey's face while watching Bambi. It is pure delight. :) For some reason, I thought this was especially funny. Although, usually at Grandma's house, he's watching the tractor movie. He'll be spellbound for a full 20 minutes watching that show.
With the siblings in good ole Hurricane.
Another random couple of pictures. This picture is a warning to all mothers: Do not leave your child alone with the peanut butter jar.
Hurray! I love peanut butter!
Dog pile! So glad I'm the one taking the picture. :)
Bees game. Kasey is wearing one of his favorite shirts, his baseball shirt. (He'd probably wear it everyday if I let him. That and his swimsuit and spandex swim shirt.)
Chillin and watching the Days of 47 parade. Aunt Leisa bought him some killer shoes!
With dad watching the parade.
Kasey's first sparkler. "Uh, mom, now what do I do with it?"
Thus ends our summer fun....unless I find more summer pictures on the camera. :) It's likely.


  1. Yay! Another post from Tif! Once again, I absolutely love all the pics! I was dying when I saw the ones from Lagoon! Kasey was so brave that day! He looks so cute and little on those rides. Because he is so smart, it is easy to forget he is so little! I love that view of Hurricane! It makes me miss our little town! I know there are perks to being in the city, but I definitely miss the little hustle and bustle of good ole hurricane! I miss neighborhoods and yards and space and green fields and neighbors you know and all that fun stuff. I am so glad I came out in August, I had an amazing time! I never get to see you enough! But, the good news is, our December visit is only a little over two months away! Let's hope times flies! I love the dog pile picture! Too cute! I would have wanted to be the picture taker too!!! :)

  2. Next time you come down and if you have any extra time let me know! Steve is doing part of his counselor internship at HHS so he will be spending more time in Hurricane, which means I will be able to also! I just met up with McCall the other day and she said you guys met up recently! I can't believe Kasey is already about 2! I can't remember when exactly but I know its this month.