Thursday, November 17, 2011


Be prepared for a whole bunch of pictures! I've found pictures are the easiest way to blog.
So, what have we been up to?
Well, Kasey, for one, has been putting his pants on his head, apparently. :)
We've also been camping/boating at Echo Reservoir. Here is Kasey at our campsite, looking mischievous.
Molly, snuggled up in the cold.
Kasey, also snuggled up in the cold.
Mom and Kasey.
We had a great trip, making yummy camp food (cobbler, dough boys, s'mores, tinfoil dinners, etc.), boating and wakeboarding, and enjoying the lakeside view (as well as the riotous company of our camper/trailer neighbors - we won't call them rednecks :)). The only bummer was that Kris had to work one of the days while we were there, but we survived without him - barely!

Kris' work had a contest for the best pic of an Ivory home, so Kris talked me into turning Kasey into our little poster child. Here he is saying, "Step into my office; let me tell you what Ivory has to offer."
"New. Cool. Ivory."
Here's Kasey enjoying a bit of bribery. I kept trying to get him to say "New Cool Ivory" on camera with his glasses on. Talk about difficult! Kasey has somewhat of a stubborn, independent nature (as does his mom), and he did not want to keep his glasses on! So, I offered him a sucker, which still didn't help. At one point, he took the sucker and ran off with it! Then, he finally said "New Cool Ivory" right after bursting into tears. Sigh. What an awful mom I am! It is a funny bunch of scenes to watch on camera, though, and all's well that ends well. I mean, doesn't Kasey look happy now?
Who says that high heels are just for girls?

Temple Square Visit! We are so lucky to be minutes away from the Salt Lake City temple.
Dad and Kasey near the temple doors.
Beautiful, isn't it?
By the way, if you ever venture to the SL temple grounds, there is an impressive presentation on the family in the North Visitor's Center. We highly recommend it!

If Kasey could choose what he wore everyday, this would be it: Hat, swimwear, snowboots. :)
We took a family boating trip to Jordanelle and stayed in our friends' condo. We had the best little get-away, even if it was for just one night. We also learned that there was an Earth Festival just across the lake. Here Kasey is meeting a bird.
Kasey's new hat.
Fishing with dad.
We were impressed with the festival: it was both fun and educational.

One of Kasey's new favorite activities: covering Molly with blankets. He will spend a full 10 minutes situating the blanket (s) just right, all while Molly lays still. :) Then he snuggles up.
Molly does cause me grief and trouble from time to time (ok, daily); however, this right here is the best reason to keep her around. ;)
Wheeler Farm Visit: Kasey with his friend Persy. Wheeler Farm is an authentic farm with ducks, pigs, goats, horses, cows, chickens, bunnies, tractors, haybales, etc. Complete with a wagon ride, it is a blast for kids.
Testing out the tractor.
Wagonride time- two cute toddler grins! (Why the bandaid? One of Kasey's many. This time, he will tell you, he "fell down the boat ramp.")
I don't know why sleeping children are so precious. Perhaps it's because this is the only time all day that we see them so still and calm. :) (And the only time moms really get anything done! :) )

We tried potty training. Kasey had told me several times that he needed to poop on the potty, and then went on the potty right afterwards! I thought I would see if he was ready to be potty trained. So, we tried for 2 days, and then promptly decided to wait until Kasey is older. :) He was so excited about wearing big boy underwear with Pooh Bear, watching potty movies, and reading potty books, but when it came time to sitting on the potty for a length of time, he wasn't up for it.
Big boy undies!
For some reason, this picture just makes me laugh. Don't ask me why he has a beanie and jacket but no pants. :)

Kasey and dad, looking out the window.
One of Kasey's favorite perches.
We went on a beautiful fall hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon. We passed Silver Lake, and hiked up to Twin Lakes. It was gorgeous! Poor Kasey was sick that day, but still he was as happy as can be to be hiking outside!
Silver Lake
At the Trailhead.
Looking down on Silver Lake.
One of the Twin Lakes. Kris decided to be extra adventurous and forge ahead past the lake and up to the saddle between the two mountains.
From here, he could see both lakes, hence the name. While Kris climbed, Kasey and I stayed and threw rocks into the water. :)
I love fall hiking.
Next blog: Kasey's B-day and Halloween!


  1. YESSS! I loved this post! It made me so happy when I saw it was such a huge post! I loved every single picture. I couldn't get over that band-aid on his head! Too funny! Also, seeing Kasey in his winter gear but no pants had me cracking up! He is such a funny kid! He is getting so grown up too! I love the gorgeous pictures you guys took of your lake hike. It is so fun to hear about the things you are up to! You guys are still as adventurous as ever! I love it! I think the Kasey and Molly pictures are so sweet! Those two are the cutest together! I swear, they seem like siblings sometimes! Man, you guys have been up to a lot lately! I can't wait to see/read about Halloween and Kasey birthday stuff! You have inspired me to get posting again. I have been kind of a lazy slacker when it comes to my blog as of late. I have been so tired! But your blog is always SOOOO much fun to read! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. Ahh.. potty training. Sounds like our experience with TJ. Someday it will work! TJ finally has! But it wasn't till closer to like he was over 2 and 1/2. haha good luck when it really happens :)