Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Fun: Lake Powell

It's so ironic that I am still blogging about summer when everything about today hints of the impending winter:
  • It is overcast and rainy.
  • We turned our heater on for the first time this season, but I am still wearing 2 jackets and slippers.
  • My knuckles are starting to crack and bleed.
  • Our butter is solid.
  • Kasey went outside in just his socks and came back crying because his feet were cold and wet.
  • I'm currently enjoying my second cup of hot cocoa.
There is one part of me that loves the anticipation and excitement of changing seasons. The other part of me still longs for the warmth of the sun. These pictures should bring us out of the winter gloom. There are few places as delightfully warm and sunny as Lake Powell in July:
(Yes, I know. I just wrote July. Am I really that far beh
ind? Yup! Get used to it!)

Kasey enjoying being on Grandpa's boat! (Lucky for him, he has TWO grandpas with boats!)

Kasey's first tube ride. He was enjoying it so much that he started singing "Old McDonald"...but then tragically as we were turning the tube submarined and swept us off into the lake. Luckily enough, mom was able to keep Kasey's head out of water, but that doesn't mean he wasn't wet, scared, and crying. No long term damage done, however. After a few m
ore minutes of riding, he was back to singing "Old McDonald." :)

Climbing with dad. Kasey couldn't be happier.

Kris and Kasey, and my cute lil' sis Jenny climbing up the beautiful red rock.

Kasey with Uncle Brian.

Kasey and dad, making their way down to the lake.

Playing in the sand. Kasey's in heaven.

We are so blessed to be able to go to Lake Powell so often! Sun, swimming, hiking, wakeboarding, relaxing, eating, eating some more, and being with Kris' family and friends. There's no better vacation! We did have a few boat troubles, however, but that just meant that my younger brother and sis could join us with my family's boat! Overall we h
ad a great week!

Although this looks similar to Lake Powell, this is a hike we took in Colorado Springs with my family while down in Hurricane. Heather and Javan came to visit, and we had the best time! We hadn't seen them since Christmas, and we miss them clear out there in Virginia! Sadly, our camera broke, so you'll have to check out their blog for more pics.

My cousins Sierra and Annie also came to visit while Heather was here, with their cute little boys Ryder and Caige. All three taking a bath together!
The four cousins: Heather, Annie, Sierra, and Me!

We had the best time together. It's been so long since all the cousins were together. Heather and Javan - thanks so much for making the trip to see us! We love you!

Considering the large amount of pics I have for this second summer update, I'm going to create several posts. Next Post: Red Butte Garden.

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  1. I love all your posts and your pictures! Seriously, it always makes my day when I see you have updated your blog! You have the cutest background too. It makes me want to find a new background. I am not very good at that! I love reading of your adventures, and I had the FUNNEST time in Utah with you guys! I seriously miss you and our sister time! I miss going to Lake Powell too! I will have to live vicariously through your pictures until the day comes that I get to go again! Outdoor adventures are so much fun!