Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Fun Part 1

We've had such a busy and wonderful summer! Lake Powell trips, family visits, camping, hiking, Lagoon, and outdoor sunny summer fun. Kris has been working hard with Ivory Homes, and Kasey and I have been playing hard with summer adventures. :) Okay, we do work sometimes, too. Kasey did sing the other day, "Old McDonald had a scrub brush." See, there's proof!

Kasey is becoming quite independent these days. He uses the "NO" word frequently, and he wants to do everything by himself. He's testing mom, especially at bedtime, when he decides he doesn't want to stay in his bed. But he is loads of fun, and he keeps us laughing all the time. We were driving by some stinky cows one time, and my sister asked him, "Kasey, what do cows smell like?" His reply? "Smell like poop!" :) He loves to sing, and frequently will burst into song. When we went on his grandpa's boat, it was "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." When my sister remarked on the sunny weather, Kasey sang, "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam." When I point out the stars, you guessed it, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." We were about to pray one night, and he knelt down and sang the whole first verse of "I Pray in Faith." I was so touched. It was almost like I was hearing those words for the first time. I know that Kasey doesn't understand everything he sings, but at least those words are in his mind, that God does hear and answer prayers! Maybe something is getting through to Kasey! You have to wonder after seeing our attempts at family prayer and family night. Kasey loves to help sweep, vacuum, dishes, etc. I really hope he never grows out of this stage! :) He is all boy, and he loves dirt, rocks, big sticks, and being outside. Combine these favorite things with digging, dumping, throwing, jumping, wrestling, and running, and you'll know how Kasey spends much of his time.

There's so much to tell, so, as you can see, I'll divide the pictures into several posts. Starting with more recent events:

CHALK ART FESTIVAL at the Gateway. I'm not sure how much Kasey enjoyed the chalk art, but he sure loved his snow cone, balloon, and listening to a children's choir that was performing there. (Ugh! Sorry I thought I turned all the sideways pics! Your neck will have to get some exercise.)
I ran into my college roommates Tawni and Kristina while I was there. I hope they don't mind me posting this, but this is their masterpiece! I was so impressed! Darling, isn't it?
WASATCH CAMPING TRIP: These next pictures are a little out of order. I seriously need to work on my blogging skills. We went camping at the Wasatch campground in the Heber/Midway area (I think!). We had the best time. On our way home, Kris decided we needed to take the adventurous way home - over the mountain. I was worried that Little Blue would make it, but like the Little Blue Engine, she kept on puffing to the top! We found, to our surprise, snow in June, and lots of it!

This is the view from the top of the mountain. After going up over the mountain, we ended up driving back through Park City - what an adventure!
We hiked the most beautiful trail up to Crow's Nest, I believe is the name. I loved all the wildflowers!
Isn't this gorgeous?
Here's the meadow where we stopped for snacks.
More wildflowers!
View of valley below.
Kasey is showing his messy hands from s'mores.
Kasey didn't quite understand that you have to roast hot dogs on the fire first before you eat them.
Kasey zonked out on our hike. Even in sleep, he would not let go of his stick!

Kasey riding on dad's shoulders.
Kasey found a catepiller. We watched it eat a leaf.
Kasey switched his hat with his dad's. I guess he decided it would be a better fit.
Kasey drinking his juice, one of his favorite things in the whole wide world.
Kasey must have really liked the bacon because he was grabbing it by the fistfuls.
It was a bit chilly in the morning, so mom snuggled Kasey right up!
CORNER CANYON HIKE: Beautiful views of Draper temple.
Kasey zonked out again. :)

For some reason Kasey decided to sit down in the middle of the trail and throw rocks. He can't get enough dirt and rocks in his life! He is in heaven in a sandbox.
Last but not least, a token picture from our Lake Powell trip in May. May? Was it really that long ago? Am I really that far behind? Sheesh! This summer has flown by.
Sadly enough, I think this posting only goes until June. Part 2 will be forthcoming soon....


  1. What a fun summer! Too bad we don't live closer so we could do some of these things together! We should plan a camping trip together next summer!!

  2. Yay! I love updates from you! I love all the pictures you posted! They are so fun! You guys were adventurous this summer, and I am jealous of all the hiking you did! I miss Utah hikes! I am WAY behind on my blogging too, and you just inspired me to update my blog! I especially love the picture of you and Kasey while he is sipping his juice. You are beautiful as ever and he looks like a stud! I love the picture with Kris and Kasey wearing each others hats too! That made me laugh! Update again soon! :) I love reading your blog! :)