Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lake Powell Trip and Other Pics

Before I share Lake Powell Pics, here are few recent ones of Kasey:

Mmm! Dinner! (He must have really enjoyed this one, what with the food in hair and greasy-looking food mustache.)

One of Kasey's favorite treasures of nature: sticks!

As always, Kasey is ever getting into things. Literally.
Kasey and Molly are becoming best buds. Kasey gives Molly his open-mouthed kisses, and as you can see, Molly hugs him back.
Time to wrestle!
Hmm! The Old Testament manual looks like a good read.
Ready for church!
Here are the Lake Powell pics. This trip, we went a lot of fun places. This is us hiking down "The Crack." There is an incredible hike between two slabs of rock. From a distance, you would never know that you could hike through them!
The view from a top the crack.
Hiking through the crack. Hold on Kasey!
Dad has special skills.
I know this is a bit out of order, but this is the crack we hiked through!
"Get me out of here!"
Driving with dad.
Another one of our adventures was hiking up a beautiful narrow canyon. Here's Kasey with Grandpa.
Kasey with dad.
Check out this wall!
Mom look! I found a rock! (Rocks are akin to the treasured sticks in Kasey's world.)
My little sis Jenny walking through the freezing waters of death! (Check out the beautiful waved sand walls of this slot canyon!)
We are so blessed to be able to go to Lake Powell so much! And this time, we were able to enjoy the trip with both sides of our family! It was one of the best Lake Powell trips I can remember.


  1. Yay! More pictures! I am sad I missed out on Lake Powell adventures this summer, but I am so glad that you guys had a good time! I love that place! That crack is amazing! I can't believe how far you hiked up it! The picture of Kasey in the hole made me laugh my head off. Poor Kasey. He looks a little traumatized. haha What fun adventures you guys have!

    The first picture of Kasey smothered in food goodness is a classic. Too funny! I love his mischievous facial expressions!

  2. I loved your updates! So, I will have to call you to ask you about the tonka truck bday party you did! I want to do that for T.J. I saw an idea online to put brownies in the back of a tonka truck, like how you did with cupcakes, which I think I will do! (this is just for a small party w/like 5 of T.J.'s friends).
    Oh, and your dog is huge now! I forget that animals grow i guess! last picture I saw on here she was a puppy when you were holding Kasey.
    Just so you know, T.J. asked about Kasey for a couple days after we saw you! It was cute. So I just showed him his pictures on here and he seemed to like it. :)
    Hopefully we'll see you again soon!!

  3. Just got caught up on all your pictures and fun times! Casey looks like he is all boy and so cute especially in his church clothes. Love your new family picture! Such a cute family!