Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kasey's First Birthday Party!

Tiffany was so proud of her nicely themed party and homemade decor. She had so much fun putting this party together!
We filled a tonka truck with cupcakes, and Kris decorated Kasey's cake.
Kris made a bona fide construction site, complete with access road and excavation!
Kasey: "Yum! When do we eat cake?"
Kasey and his Uncle Jake sporting their vehicles -they must think alike: both born on Oct. 17 and both a fan of lime-green and speed!
Mmmm! Kasey's first cake and ice cream! (Well, at least in substantial proportions. Dad has been known to give him a small taste from time to time...)
In the spirit of birthdays, Tyler decided to paint chocolate warrior signs on Kasey's chest. Molly was more than happy to help clean Kasey up.
Mom, in a chipper, sing-song voice: "Kasey, what do you think of your new fourwheeler?" Kasey, nonchalantly: "It gets me from A to B."
Testing out his new slide.
"Yeah! A new hat! Just what I wanted!"
Thanks to all who came and supported Kasey! Kasey was spoiled with so many fun presents and nice clothes. We had the best time!

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  1. I love these pictures! I had a rough day at school today, but I came home to these fun pictures of Kasey's party. They brought a smile to my face! I love that you and Kris are wearing matching yellow shirts. Kasey's first "real" experience with cake is priceless. I love the picture of you and Kasey looking at each other and smiling. It is adorable! Thanks for this post! I do love updates!

    p.s. That cake is so fun! What a creative idea!