Monday, December 6, 2010

November Update

It's been a busy month, but only a few things are picture worthy. First, Kris' brother Tyler's wedding (did you follow that?) was at the beginning of the month, and Kasey was dressed fit for the occasion (with a fresh new hair cut, too!).
What a little man! (Thanks Janece for awesome pics!)
The family in matching wedding attire.
Yum! Kasey loves chocolate and cookies, of course. I never hear him say the word "more" as clearly as when I give him something extra tasty to eat!
Kasey all ready to play in the snow! (Does the movie A Christmas Story come to mind?)
Yay! Snow! Kasey can barely walk around in the snow, even with his new snow boots. That's okay with him, though. It's just fun to be outside, watching Molly run around and reveling in the new mysterious white fluff.
Help, mom! I've fallen and I can't get up!
Kris only has one more week of school! Hurray! (Well, until next semester starts again. Ugh.) He has been busy to the max lately, and we are so excited for Christmas break so that we can be together more! There is nothing like spending time with family. (Heather and Javan - we can't wait!)


  1. Yay! New post! I love ALL of these pics! Kasey is adorable as ever! I just love that little guy! He looks so snazzy in that suit, and so restricted in his snow clothes! Ha ha. I love that he is so bundled up in those pics that he can hardly move but that he is so happy. I love your family pic! Oh, and I am glad that you and Kris passed on your chocolate loving genes to Kasey. Add a girl Tif! That is an important trait to pass on! We love you guys so much and can't WAIT to see you either! After today, I have 9 school days left, and then I get to see you guys! :) Hip Hip Hooray!

  2. I can't get enough of Kasey!!! He is SO cute, I love his "new do" for the wedding!!!

  3. Cute Pictures, Tif! I love his wedding outfit, what a stud!