Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Port Beach

The sad news – Lake Powell was closed for our October trip (due to our government shut down).  The good news – we ended up going to the beach! It was one of the best vacations with kids I’ve ever had. Truthfully – I really felt that we could relax and enjoy ourselves!  Lake Powell is wonderful, but you have to be quite vigilant with the kids when you are around the water 100% of the time. Our trip to the beach was just what we needed!

When we arrived, we changed into swimsuits and went straight for the beach!

Hurray!  We’re finally here! It was a long long drive, but armed with suckers, donuts, and movies, the kids did great!


The kids loved the sand. Shelby kept poking her head in it like an ostrich.


So, Kris and Kasey decided to join her.


We stayed at a house just one street away from the beach.  It was incredible. We also rode our bikes along the beach front – we loved looking at the original, charming, and new houses along the beach.

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On one of our biking adventures, we bound a park – Dad took both Kasey and Shelby on a little climb. We also found a little spot to long board – Kasey had the best time on his bike and Jenny’s penny board.

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Kasey looking smooth in his aviator glasses.

2013-10-15 11.33.44

One the nights, we rode our bikes at sunset to eat dinner on the Pier. It was just beautiful.


The kids with dad at dinner (I believe it was Ruby’s.  We sat on the upper deck – beautiful view).


Kasey and Shelby playing in the sand. They were in heaven.



Playing with dad. The kids didn’t venture into the water too much – just to let the waves tickle their toes. Mom and dad went body-boarding and had a blast.


Our family at the beach.


Back at the boat house – Shelby found a comfortable way to eat her dinner.


We went on a little family bike ride one morning and ate some of the most delicious donuts I’ve ever had (even better than Hurricane Lin’s donuts, if you can believe it.) Then we took a little walk on the beach collecting sea shells. Loving Shelby’s footprints and piggy tails…


Kasey and Shelby jumping to dad! (A sad side story: Shelby was climbing up the ladder onto the platform, and I was filming saying how we’d had such a wonderful time, then half-way up the ladder Shelby fell off! It was a sad and ironic moment.)


Shelby fell asleep with Papa Payne on a bike ride.


Kris holding our darling child by one leg – Sheesh!


We went on another biking adventure through some charming neighborhoods to find ourselves at the harbor.


Beautiful view!


Shelby – I just can’t reach the sand!


On the way home, kids tuckered out from an amazing vacation!


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