Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snow Canyon and Christmas 2012

Trip to Snow Canyon!  Here’s Shelby, all snuggled up. She loves to ride with her dad.

'12 Snow Canyon 8

Kasey with dad and their matching mullets, how tender. Kasey with Grandpa.

'12 Snow Canyon 14'12 Snow Canyon 18

Gotta love this Southern Utah scenery!

'12 Snow Canyon 27

With Heather, Javan, Liam, and Grandma Nommy in a cool cave.

'12 Snow Canyon 36

Our family!

'12 Snow Canyon 41

Poor little Shelby was super sick during over Christmas, but don’t worry, Grandpa took good care of her. :)

Papa Payne and ShelbyChristmas 2012 13

Grandma let Kasey play in some flour in a bucket –Christmas came early! :)

Christmas 2012 19

Kasey and Shelby in their Christmas tree shirts! Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2012 34

Shelby eating the tag, and Kasey modeling my new boots – oh yeah!

Christmas 2012 37 Christmas 2012 30

The Payne clan Christmas morning.

Christmas 2012 38

Shelbs and me. Her first Christmas. :)

Christmas 2012 23

Now onto the Jones Christmas, same day. (Yes, we usually travel from Hurricane to SLC on Christmas – what a crazy wonderful day!).

Here’s Shelby’s new head band from Aunt Necey.

Christmas 2012 40

Kasey opening his presents – cheese!

Christmas 2012 44

“No, mine!”

Christmas 2012 45

The Jones Clan.

Christmas 2012 51

Kasey modeling Shelby’s boots now. Shelby enjoying her string. It’s the little things.

Christmas 2012 54 Christmas 2012 55

Winter Fun! Here’s dad and Shelby on her first sledding ride!

'12 Snow Play 23

Kasey and Dad built some awesome snow structures – meet the snowman and the sledding hill!

'12 Snow Play 26'12 Snow Play 25

Old Slanty covered in snow, Home Sweet Home.

'12 Snow Play 27

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  1. This makes me excited for Christmas again! Just a few months! I can't wait to come play!