Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012



Jones Family Update

Kris is currently working as a project manager, consultant, marketing manager, and entrepreneur. He stays busy with work, church, and helping others. He takes such good care of Tiffany, and his children adore him. Our favorite time of day is when dad gets home!

Tiffany continues to manage the home and take care of the kids. She feels so grateful that she can be at home with them. She stays busy with a few side jobs and homemaking projects.

Kasey just turned three. He is bright, energetic, and so much fun. He loves to run, jump, play outside, and entertain his sister. He has his mother’s strong-will and his father’s sense of adventure. We love having him in our home.

Shelby is now seven months old, and she is such a sweet little doll. She is easy-going and happy, and her dimpled grin and big blue eyes melt our hearts. She loves to play with her brother and giggle at his exploits.

We are so grateful for each other, our friends and family, and, especially this time of year, the joy of the gospel. We wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas season.

Love, The Jones Family

A last little Christmas thought from Kasey: “The baby got forth, and before he did that he laid down his sweet head.”

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