Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kasey's Room

Two whole people requested that I post pictures of Kasey's room! Wow! Someone does read this blog! I was about to give up. :) But then I realized, (1) Aunt Heather needs to see pictures of Kasey, and (2) Our blog acts as a family journal. This blog IS important! So, here are a few pictures of Kasey's newly decorated room. Now, this may not look like anything too fancy, but coming from a non-crafty girl, I feel quite proud!

It all started when my mother-in-law so kindly made Kasey a shelf for his room (see below). Then, my awesome husband made this bookshelf. Kris designed it and we painted it a bright white and ta-da, you see the effect below. Thanks to Grandmas, Kasey has tons of books! (Sidenote: See the little brown rocking chair? My lil' brother made that for Kasey for his first Christmas! Kasey loves it!)
One thing led to the next (as is always the case when you start decorating), and pretty soon I realized that I needed something to put on the shelf! So, I went to Michael's and found some wooden cars/trucks (only a dollar a piece!) and I painted them.
Then, Susanne (my wonderful mother-in-law) let me go to craft class in her place. Kasey's name was the result.
And, of course, I found this plane and truck at Michael's (only two dollars a piece!), and I painted them, too.
Kasey helped. :)
Well, craft class came around again, and there was another opening. I came home with all sorts of treasures!
First, this sign: our creative invention. I had the idea for the sign with the boat and airplane, but then I found this little train on sale at Robert's, and Susanne had the idea to let it hang from the sign! We were so proud of ourselves! Like I said, I'm not the crafty type.
Then, Susanne said we had to have a magnet board. And, lucky us, Robert's had little wooden animals on sale for 40-70 cents each! We super-glued magnets to the back of each animal, and created not only a piece of fine decor but an enjoyable play center for Kasey!
Alas, after all our creativity, this side of the room is a bit lacking. However, I do have plans for the rather dull looking toy box. Eventually I'd like to paint it white and then glue on colorful wooden letters that say "Toy Chest." (Although, check out that rocking chair - it came from a consignment shop, and when we first brought it home it looked like it had been through fire! Nothing that a good-sanding and paint job couldn't fix! I am realizing, though, all of the furniture in Kasey's room is second-hand! Poor kid! Poor parents is more like it - haha!)
I had so much fun decorating Kasey's room! It was so fulfilling, and luckily enough, we were able to do it super cheap (well, with the help of my mother-in-law, of course!).

Kasey loves his new room. And, to our surprise and horror (and secret delight), Kasey learned rather quickly how to climb up his bookshelf. Here's Kasey, feeling so proud of his accomplishments.
We had thought that Kasey wouldn't be able to climb this new bookshelf. We forgot to take into consideration the fact that his little rocking chair acts as a step stool. I guess we'll have to find a new place for the rocking chair!
Hmmm! Which book should I read next! (I'm sorry. I'm sure this picture isn't completely blog appropriate, but funny just the same. :)


  1. I love his room!!! The book shelf is SUPER cute and I can just see him jumping off of it in NO TIME! LOL You did a great job with the "crafty" things, I need to catch that bug again! :)

  2. I read your blog! Tif, the room looks really good! It looks like you are pretty crafty to me... :)

  3. Brittany & SteveFebruary 18, 2011 at 7:56 AM

    Sorry i don't comment more but I read your blog too! :) I love the cute little read books in the nude butt pics are the cutest. :)
    Can you believe we've been married 5 yrs now? Thats funny you went snowshoeing because we did too for one of our anniversary dates! (yes we have had like 3...thats what happens when your anniversary is right by V-day.) :) We wanted to go skiing but with the new baby snow shoeing didn't take as much time.

    Well I will talk to you soon I am sure!

  4. Tif,

    For as many times as you said you aren't crafty, I certainly disagree! Your decorations look professional! They are AMAZING. I really need you to teach me how to do stuff like that! The only thing I can do is make a wreath (not hard), and I did make a Christmas sign once (with someone giving me step-by-step instructions). When I come out this summer we are going to have to have a craft day! (Weird how when you get older crafts are suddenly super fun. haha) Kasey's room looks soooooo cute! I love that book shelf...I may or may not be super jealous of it and all those books! By the way, baby butts are totally appropriate on blogs. I laughed and laughed at that picture...especially when Javan said it looked like he was flexing! I love his coat hanger, I love all the fun decorations, I love the cars you painted, and I especially love the "frogs and snails" magnetic board. What a creative idea! I really want one someday! You are a craft magician, that's all I gotta say. :) I can tell you re-arranged his room. It looks so good! I like how everything is set-up! I sure love you and miss you! I cannot WAIT to come hang out with you guys. Seriously, I am counting down the day!

  5. You did such a good job! His room is adorable and so is he :)

  6. Thanks for your comments! I really didn't mean to make anyone feel guilty about reading our blog! Thanks for checking in from time to time. I have no room to talk cuz I don't check on everyone else as much as I should! But, you should know, tonight we made a killer find at IKEA: a $10 car/racing track rug for Kasey's room! Hurray! A new decoration that doubles as a toy! I'm really addicted to this decorating thing now!