Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lake Powell!

Kris and I are pretty darn lucky: Both our families repeatedly go to Lake Powell each summer, and we get to join them! Thus far, we have been to Lake Powell in May, July, and August, and we are planning a trip in October. Talk about being spoiled! How could you not love the sightseeing-wakeboarding- skiing-tubing-napping-swimming-eating-hiking-cardplaying frenzy that begins as soon as we unpack! Here are a few pics from the May/July Lake Powell trips, although they aren't the best. We don't often take too many pics at Lake Powell because we are usually too busy playing!

One of our favorite Lake Powell activities: hiking!
Randy and Susanne Jones (Kris' parents) at the top of our canyon.
There's me looking at the view.
Randy, decorating the natural, sandstone arch with his face.
The houseboat parked down below.
Kris, the rough and rugged hiker.
Kasey, just chilling with dad. Belly hanging out - now that's the life!

Kasey with Grandma Sanny.
Kasey LOVES playing in the sand/mud.

That's all the even decent pics. However, just for the record, Kasey has now had his first boat, waverunner, and tube ride. If his father has his way, wakeboarding is next! (Mom says "No way!")


  1. I love Lake Powell! I am so jealous about the October trip, my family has been telling me all about it and the Payne/Last trips are ALWAYS the best. :( Darn. Your baby is adorable! I love love love his red hair, reminds me of Johnny's when he was a baby!