Friday, October 22, 2010

Donut Falls

Here is the last of our summer fun posts. But before I tell you about our Donut Falls adventures, let me tell you some exciting news: Kasey is now one year old (as of October 17)! Way to go buddy! Don't worry, we gave him quite the Tonka trucks birthday party, pictures of which will be included in the next blog, once I load them unto our computer.

Back to the Donut Falls Report: This summer we went twice to Donut Falls. The first time, sadly enough, we didn't even find the donut! :) We hiked up to the falls, looked up and didn't see any donut-like openings, and then proceeded to hike to the left of the falls (up quite the steep and precarious rock slide, I might add). After a bit of hiking, we found ourselves gazing down upon the river. Still no donut. Someone had told us that there had been a rock slide, covering the donut fall. Alas, we concluded, it must be true.

We didn't give up, however. We determined to visit the falls again. Soon we found ourselves at the base of the same waterfall. This time, we decided to climb up through the waterfall, instead of to the side. And, you guessed it! We found the donut falls!

Look how the forces of nature have combined to create a stunning replica of a such a delicious and popular pastry. (In other words: Look, the rock is shaped like a donut.)

Kris decided to climb up to get a better look.

Kasey and I took this picture under the falls. If you look close, you can see Kris peeking down at us.

This picture is proof that Kris dunked his head under the frigid flowing waters. He asked me if I wanted to join him. "But who would hold Kasey?" I replied. It was tough, but someone had to make the sacrifice and fore go the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of drenching one's self under pellets of ice water.


  1. Yay! Blog update! You even chose a new, stylish fall background! I love it! Donut falls looks like such a cool place! I have never heard of it! Thanks for the pictures! I am still looking forward to seeing video of Kasey eating his cake...or at least pictures of it! :) I love hearing about your summer adventures!

  2. Hey Jones Family! I was googling Donut Falls for directions to give my apartment neighbor and came across your cute family picture. Fun to see a friendly face on a random google search. We love your cuteness! Love, Stacie