Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kasey's First Halloween

Here's pics of Kasey's first Halloween. If you can't tell, he's a frog.
"I'm not so sure about this."

Thumb's up.
Kris is a lake, Tif a lily pad, and Kasey, a frog.

Kasey with cousin McKayle.

Kasey with Grandma Zanny.
Kris' brother Brian and his wife Terah. They went as Juno and Bleeker. Terah has a slurpee cup and everything. Sweet!


  1. haha. I LOVE this pictures! I think the first picture of Kasey is my favorite because it shows off his chubby chubby cheeks. He also looks a little disconcerted... it cracks me up! Oh, how I love that little man! You and kris made a very cute baby! Thanks for posting pics for me to look at! It gives me something fun to do! :)

  2. Oh my! His outfit is soooo cute! I love that he is a little froggy!

  3. That's about the cutest frog I have ever seen!

  4. Tiffany,
    I found your blog through Sharice. It is so good to see what you are up to. Congratulations on your little baby. That is so exciting! You can check out our family's blog at