Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby Kasey: Chapter 1

Warning - This movie is rated PG - BB (Probably Going to be a Baby Bum)
Viewer discretion is advised.

Well here is Kasey's fist few days. We love him to death as will be manifested by our blog I am sure. I think it is a common occurrence for parents to be completely enamored with their own children, at least until they are old enough to cause trouble. I'd like to say he is a cute kid but too many people say he looks like his father. Judge for yourself, enjoy the video. By the way, my favorite part is right after the birth - he hasn't seen anything yet. Dad shades his eyes so he can finally see the world. I love his response when he sees who his father is for the first time...

We can't believe that he is already two weeks old! These last two weeks have kept us busy feeding, changing diapers, and trying to get some sleep. Kasey has been a great baby so far, and we are so happy he's here!


  1. He is so precious!!! I LOVE the video, he already has a great personality!!! :) He is sure cute...we wish we were closer so we could see you guys! The time is going by so fast, I can't believe he is already 2 weeks old! :)

  2. HE is so adorable, I hate to even say this but hearing that little newborn cry almost made me want another one. Except the labor part, I could skip that. Congrats congrats again, you are both going to be wonderful parents. Thanks for sharing that video clip.

  3. oh my! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that video! Kasey is so adorable! You guys are so fun! I love that you will be able to look back on that video forever and remember what a special time it was when Kasey was born!

  4. What a cute video...such a great idea! you two will be such great parents!