Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas / Year End Review

This year has been an adventure for us. We started at our little place in Logan. Tiffany was finishing her first year teaching at South Cache 8th and 9th grade center. Kris graduated in December in Business Administration. He worked intermittently throughout the beginning of the year from Washington to Texas. We both had a wonderful time serving in the Institute Married Student Association at Utah State University.

At the end of the summer we left Logan to stay at Kris’ parents’ house. During the summer Kris continued to work, most of the time in Bellevue, Washington. Sometimes Tiffany tagged along. Working alongside Kris during the summer afforded Tiffany the opportunity to search for and interview for jobs in Washington. While there, we also scouted for places to live.

Near the end of the summer we took a trip to New England. We started off in Palmyra, New York visiting church history sites. Afterward we drove to Boston for some national history and more importantly a Red Sox big league baseball game. The trip was finished touring New York.
In August we moved to Renton, Washington. Tiffany got a job teaching 9th grade honors English and 12 grade core at Kentridge High School. Kris enrolled in the University of Washington Construction Management program en route to a master’s degree. Kris has kept busy working part time, studying for and taking the GRE, and is now looking for a full-time job/internship in his field. We have had wonderful experiences exploring new places like Seattle city, Mt. Rainier, and Whistler, B.C., Canada.

It has been a wonderfully crazy year. Looking back we can see how God has really helped to direct our lives. Reflecting on the year past makes us grateful for our blessings, especially family, friends, and the gospel in our lives. Life is good for us and we hope it is good for you, too. Thank you for your friendship, love, and support. If you would like to visit Washington, we would love to be your gracious hosts.


Kris and Tiffany Jones

Mt. Rainer, Washington

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