Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Wonderful Whistler Weekend

Whistler BC
We just got back from one of the most relaxing little vacations I have ever been on. Whistler is a beautiful quaint little village nestled in the Canadian Rockies. I would compare it to the Park City of British Columbia. We stayed at the most luxurious hotel I have ever been at. Here are some pictures.
The ski season hadn't officially started so we couldn't hit the slopes. We did however go on some fun hikes and strolled around the village shops.
This is us at Lost Lake

Kris played on the logs

Tif found the "Warming Hut"

This was the view off our little balcony

These are some of the waterfalls we visited. We went to Nairn Falls, Brandywine Falls and Shannon Falls. They were all rather impressive.

I included a video of Brandywine falls because seeing the water actually fall is most of the fun.

See you later


  1. Wow, Kris you are braver than I am. I wouldn't have been out on that log unless it was warm and I wanted to actually be in the water. I hope you bought that hat, it's very dashing on you. Good to see you guys in full interweb glory, hope to hear more from Washington!

  2. Thanks for mailing me your blog spot address. I enjoyed the pictures too.

  3. YAY! You guys are bloggers now. Ha, you had to give in eventually! Your trip looks like a tun of fun! We loved your CC by the way...let's stay in touch! You can check out our blog:

  4. Thanks for the Christmas letter and this blogspot address. Now I can keep tabs on you. The waterfall pics are amazing. You guys are awesome! Merry Christmas!

  5. Yay! I'm so happy that you have a a blog! We love blogging :) Now we can keep in touch more-yay!!

  6. Hello again! I just wanted you to know that we made our blog private, so if you still want to view ours send me an email at so I can send you an invite. Thanks!

  7. Oh man, I wish I was there on that vacation... it's looks delightful! So pretty:) so glad you two were able to get away!