Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Updating Old Slanty

Once Kris got started updating Old Slanty, he didn’t stop. Soon not only did I have a dishwasher, but also…a washer and dryer! What a gem of a husband – making all my dreams come true!

Here’s before – a nice little spot at the end of the pantry.

Laundry Project 16

Kris working hard – first step: tile.

Laundry Project 3

Plumbed and ready for a washer and dryer!

Laundry Project 9

Hugging my new washer and dryer…awwww, couldn’t be happier!  Thanks to the best husband ever!  (Before we had to walk next door and do our laundry in the basement…not a bad arrangement…without 2 kids that is.  They weren’t always easily persuaded to go and change the laundry! I never knew how lovely a washer and dryer would be – conveniently located in my own place!)

Laundry Project 12

We also attempted the year before to fix our grass by re-sodding. Here’s what it looked like before:

Old Slanty 1

After! We found some sod that a property was giving away, and we rented a sod-cutter and worked hard to pack it up and lay it in our yard. We were so excited - how beautiful it looked.

Old Slanty 2

And then, the after after…a year later. Yep. Right back to how it looked before. Yes, I know this is the same picture, but our yard looks just like this again.  So sad. Big tree, not enough sun, dog, etc. The grass didn’t have a chance!

Old Slanty 1

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