Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Halloween and Fire Station

Fall! What a fun time of year.  At the pumpkin patch choosing our pumpkins with Grandma Sannie!

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Halloween! Kasey and Shelby got to sport 2 costumes this year, thanks to cousin hand-me-downs. The first night was a trunk-or-treat – Shelby as a bunny and Kasey a monkey.

2013-10-30 18.14.24

Then we dressed up as family – Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Mario! Kasey kept saying, “It’s a-me! Mario!” Kris and Kasey’s costumes were pretty simple. I made Shelby’s vest and hat (I was just so glad she wore her hat the whole night!). Luckily enough, someone in our ward was Peach the year before. She had done a fabulous job with a costume, and I was so grateful to borrow it from her!


Shelby snuggling up with her cousin Braiden.


Our little Toad! I just couldn’t get over how cute she was in her hat!

2013-10-31 19.18.07IMGP2180

More Halloween fun…our homemade decor. Kris made One-Eyed Willie the Spider (although Kasey kept calling him Kris) with the kids.  Then, he strapped a construction harness on Kasey and they both went out our attic window and put Willie on top of the porch. (I believe there’s a video of this somewhere…)


Kasey hung some bats and ghosts on a branch and we stuck it in a bottle of chestnuts. (The kids had so much fun gathering them!)


Kasey helped me make some pumpkins – he painted plates and designed the faces.  Honestly, who needs Pier 1 or Hobby Lobby anyway, right? All you need is a 4-year old!


Kasey and Shelby had the best time painting their pumpkins.


Our pumpkins in all their glory…one looks a little confused…


Fire Station Field Trip with Kasey’s preschool!  Only 10 or 15 minutes in they had to rush off to the rescue, but we still had a good time.


Did you say fire?


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