Wednesday, September 15, 2010

American Fork Camping Adventure!

This is our most recent summer adventure. I will try to post pics of other things we've done this summer as I get the time .

Kasey grinning at dad - you can see his first tooth if you look close. The other one was on its way in this pic!
Crazy hair!
Kasey standing in our tent. I know he looks happy here, but Kasey didn't have the best camping trip ever. He had a little cold, and I don't think he felt good for a lot of the trip. Regardless, he still loved playing in the dirt and being outside!
On our way up to see the Timpanogas Caves. It took us three tries to go through the caves! The first two times were during Kasey's naptime, and he was not happy! We risked destroying the tour for others, so we left the caves. But, on the way back down the mountain, he fell asleep. So, what did we do? We raced back up and they let us go back in the caves and finish the tour, all during his nap! Oh, the joys of having children! :) It was all worth it - the caves were beautiful!
Hiking up Timpanogas Mountain (we only went partway).

It was a beautiful weekend, and we had such a nice time enjoying the mountains and hiking, making tinfoil dinners and dutch oven cobbler. It was a short, busy camping trip, but a fun escape to the mountains!


  1. He is sooo cute! Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. I love these pics! Kasey is getting so big! Looking at the pictures, you really would never know he was sick! We need to find a place to go camping out here! We have a tent...and one sleeping bag. haha. awesome! Glad you guys had a great trip! I haven't been to timpanogas forever!

  3. Fun! We seriously need to meet up soon! Kasey looks so much older and i need to see him as a new toddler! Plus I want to see you too ;)